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how to make a rare plant hermie? to make copies

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by sakhal, Mar 3, 2010.


    sakhal Active Member

    this may be a noob question but I have a seed that sprouted out of 100. it is a strain called chocolate Thai. I have no more seeds left so in case something horrible happens like someone kills it, dog chews it or something in that nature, I want to make copies what is a proven method to cause a plant to turn hermie?

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    take care of it tell you can cut clones off her. :mrgreen: thats the best thing to do.

    cannabutt Well-Known Member

    If you got one seed to germ out of 100 I wouldn't get over excited at this moment in time.

    jeebus get some proper MJ seeds............................................................................

    openmynd Member

    if you want copies of that plant you should look into cloning.

    TaoWolf Active Member

    Short version: Make a colloidal silver generator (DIY - consult the internet but it's cheap and easy), get an EC/ppm meter and get over 30ppm, and spray on your female plant, collect the pollen, and self-pollinate her. Don't smoke/eat any of the bud from your current plant that was sprayed.

    turdnugget420 Active Member

    Cloning man...never heard of someone trying to intentionally hermie a plant LOL

    CrazyBudz Active Member

    i would just make a couple clones and keep then on 18/6 light schedule so you could then clone off them again in the future....

    you could also get seeds like Taowolf said...which is the best way..!!

    or you could flip the lights on a few hours off a few hours each day, just fuck with the lights on and off and it will herm....but people say the seeds from a plant hermed that way have a chance of being hermie them selfs..!
    Give Me

    Give Me Member

    Sorry if this is not the place for this question but I have searched and not got a clear answer to my question. I have a plant that I had near males and well now the gurlz have seeds- several weeks in flower--new to this, just 1 of many mistakes :) my question now is if I were to try and get clones from them would the clones be hermies'? Again sorry if I am out of line-thanks in advance for both the thread as well as to help given :)

    JrOne424 Well-Known Member

    That is a good question, i want to know the answer too, because i think the clones will take the genetics from the mother that its a female.. now that is a hermie... does it turns a hermie too? I'm confused too.

    Nunotmp Active Member

    That Is how you get female seeds

    porrista Well-Known Member


    brodietheconeking Well-Known Member

    put them in 12/12 use a tent,leave 1 of the inline/outlet open this is enough light leakage to herm them out,ino i have a tent with 10 herms in lol

    Jubag420 Active Member

    Why would you want to hermi your plant man? You should love her.. Not stress her out :/ Just take a clone and keep cloning :) Dont hermi your plant bud.. Chances are you'll just get hermi seeds :/ If shes a rare strain.. Dont fuck her up bud ;) Saafe

    obijohn Ceiling cat is watching you...

    Clone. Only other option is to use Tiresias Mist on a small part once flowering starts. After a few weeks or so you'll get some males flowers there. That pollen will result in all female seeds on that plant.

    But cloning is a much easier, less time consuming way to go

    thinn Active Member

    Get yourself some tiresias mist on ebay man and spray away

    Spittn4cash Well-Known Member

    Actually, it's about the same in regards to time consuming and ease.

    It's not that hard to spray down a lower branch with Tiresias Mist or Colloidal Silver every day for a few weeks. It takes the same amount of time to spray the clones daily, before they root.

    It really depends on the grower's preference...

    He can take 3 - 4 clones per plant and only have 3 -4 clones...or spray a branch for a few weeks, and then make hundreds of feminized seeds.

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