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How to make a mother plant and clone

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by White Eagle, Feb 8, 2007.

    White Eagle

    White Eagle Active Member

    This is part a question and part a following experiment. I have harvested my 2 plants and have keept the biggest one to make a mother. Photos attached. I am going to take cuttings but need to know if the flowers on her are too big? She has been under vegg lighting for 8 days now but the small flowers have gotten bigger. I will keep this a running post and put up photos of my progress the help others see what not to do and maybe learn what right to do by my mistakes. Any input is very welcome.:peace:

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    stoney_stoner Well-Known Member

    that plant has some big stems

    NewbieG Active Member

    You need to wait about another 2 weeks man. She's still in flower.

    mrduke Well-Known Member

    is it possible to turn them back to veg mode after flowering?? it looks like you flowered then trimed off the main bud branches now are going back to veg?? is this correct

    justatoker New Member

    its called "re-vegging"

    needhelp Well-Known Member

    does the plant have to be a mother for you to clone

    yamin Well-Known Member

    i want to check if my plants r male or female
    how big do they have to b b4 i can 12/12 them to check???
    how long does it normally take to find out sex ( with the eye )
    how long does it take to re-veg so i can start taking clones??

    tnt216 Member

    clone them then flower the clone whatever the clone is (male or female) that is what the plant the clone was taken from is this is much better than re-vegging

    tonka1979 Member

    could you tell me how to do a mother plant plz

    seanstew73 Member

    Mother Plants are just cannabis left in the vegging photoperiod, for how ever long, you just take clippings or clones and put them in the rooting solution and let them regrow a root structure. its best to clip cuttings when the plant is 20 inches or taller.

    asdf1 Active Member

    Im interested in doing this at the end of my current grow. Im still in veg and plan to put back into veg after harvest. Now im slightly confused. From what i understand a "mother plant" would be a plant that is definatly female, possibly put into flower to check then revegged but what is going on here is he let the flower cycle finish, harvested, then went back to veg to keep for clones. I plan to do the latter because i am starting from a clone so i know its female. From what i understand you just harvest and leave some of the smaller buds and put back into veg time and nutes. Im only growing one plant so i really dont want to screw it up and start from scratch because i plan to take at least 12 clones to do a sog grow next time around.

    asdf1 Active Member

    no responses?.... threads die pretty fast here ive noticed...

    KushLuvR Active Member

    Tell me bout it man. Most times you have to complain that noone is responding before someone does...its ridiculous. I'm trying to get the same answers you are bro. I'd think that the Mother Plant would be recognized as a female 1st son I think you got it right with the flower then re-veg thing. but uhh...when worse comes to worse...go head in n see for yourself :weed: . Im currently raising a few ladies. Moby Dick, Cream Caramel and Pakistan Ryder. I hear the ryder can't be cloned so i'd like to get a big mama off the other two.

    COgrow Member

    Wish I had an answer for you bro, I'm subscribed as I have the same question.

    catterkang Member

    I signed up just to help you out if your still here guys. You gotta keep your plant in a veg state until its big enough to take clones off of, Then you take some clones from it and root them. Then you go and put your clones that have rooted into the flowering room and wait until they show there sex. These plants will be took weak to keep flowering because they didnt get grown into a full grown veg state before flowering so im pretty sure they arent able to grow big buds or anything because there stems would be too small. Now you know that your mother plant is either a male or a female and can keep cloning her or have to say goodbye.

    phyzix Well-Known Member

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