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How To Mae Plant's Bushier?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by JB_420, Oct 26, 2006.


    JB_420 Active Member

    Hey.. I was wondering how to make my plant bushier I wanna see more buds for outdoor growing. Is there a way to make more arms come off the main stalk or something? Im seeing these monstrous plants with about 40 arms on it and mine have like 15-20

    Acesover8 Well-Known Member

    Probably the one that you are seeing is LST low stress training look it up on a search engine they got pretty good forum / post on it

    silvernomad Well-Known Member

    Bending the plant over (without breaking or hurting the stalk) and tie it to a stick and this will get it to be bushier with low stress.
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    hi JB.. it may be to late to do any cutting...actually, if you are in the northern hemisphere it is to late... But a lot of growers will take cuttings/clones during the vegetative stage of a plants life. This will make your plant bushy...

    also what ACE and The ass man said.. : )

    Acesover8 Well-Known Member

    Hey Garden its been awhile since i heard from you @ILoveYou! hehe wheres widow i havent heard from him in awhile either

    mogie Well-Known Member

    Topping Marijuana- Topping a plant refers to cutting off the top shoot(s) of cannabis plants. You can pinch, clip or snip off the tallest shoots or the freshest shoots. Cut the branch stem just below the last fully developed node,. The plant starts developing branches at the remaining nodes. This is a good techniques to keep a plant short and bushy. Or you can develop many top colas instead of just one. Don't top a plant more than twice and never top when it is in the flowering stage.

    Bending Marijuana - Carefully pull down the branches of your cannabis plant, or the whole plant, tye them down. You are now forcing them to grow horizontally. Tthe nodes will start producing branches or buds that grow straight up. Bending should be done gradually to avoid pinching or snapping the stem. Use soft hemp string or cloth to secure the branch or stem loosely when tying down to minimize damage to the soft stems. Growth is slowed for awhile as the cannabis plant adjusts to the shock of being bent. This is a good technique to maximize space in a small grow room.

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