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How to LST Properly, Help?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by .#DanO, May 11, 2011.


    .#DanO Member

    Hey guys, basically i am just interested on how to LST as i am wanting maximum amount of big bud as possible

    If you have anything to say about LST then post up :D

    GidgetGrows Well-Known Member

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    .#DanO Member

    As soon as you posted this i instantly understood what i need to do! thank you so much :D

    BBYY Well-Known Member

    Gidget Nailed it.
    To add, some phenos and strains dont perform well to LST.
    keep it in mind.

    .#DanO Member

    Any recommended strains? do auto-flowering seeds go well with LST? Thanks :D

    GidgetGrows Well-Known Member

    No problem. Good to know it was helpful.

    .#DanO Member

    it seriously was haha i cant wait to get started!! :D

    olylifter420 Well-Known Member

    Dude, that is some good work on the LST!!! I dont know what i did with my LST, i think i started too late, at day 29. How many cfl's are you running and how many plants you got under them?

    I got 3 26w 6500k for one plant, but i dont think that is ennough, what do you think? I have been thinking about getting at least one more in there.



    TCurtiss Well-Known Member

    That is bad info, you are just exposing the lower leaves when training to get them to produce larger flowers

    Any plant that is healthy will benefit from training & will increase your yield as well


    GidgetGrows Well-Known Member

    I can't remember what lights I used in the end, If you click on the leaf in my signature it will take you to that grow journal.
    It was a fun learning experience.

    TheCannabist Active Member

    I'm doing a somewhat unplanned lst/scrog due to my A5 haze stretching above my other strains, but it's working really nice and i think it requires less veg time than the method outlined in the diagram posted by Gidget. I am by no means 100% on that so correct me if you feel the need to.

    Anyway I did it by topping for 4 colas and lst-ing the remaining branches so that they were more or less horizontal. I then put a very make-shift screen on top and treated like a scrog.

    View attachment 1596417 View attachment 1596418 View attachment 1596419

    hope that's of some kind of use to you and if you wana see the rest of my grow click on the signature.



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