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How to lace Weed with coke?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by WvMade, Feb 5, 2010.


    WvMade Well-Known Member

    How do you lace weed with coke ? i know you gotta freebase it first? how do you do that? im no coke fiend im just a pothead thats got some coke from a friend and i wanna know if i can spice up my smoke with some coke so please fill me in on the process

    ruderalis88 Well-Known Member

    why not just do a line and then spark a joint?

    igrowdro Well-Known Member

    break up a joint, rake the weed in the joint paper. try to get it even for a straight roll that lets you hit the joint with a swift inhale. i never pull the smoke like a cigarette into my mouth, then inhale. i always inhale a hit straight to my lungs.
    next you lay out a line(a good thick line of coke)thats as long as the joint, then rake it onto the weed in the paper. dont roll it real tight at all, light it without hitting it at first to get it going even. then when it gets going, dont pull the smoke like a cigarette, just inhale from the tip. then when you get a good hit, leave enough room in your lungs to turn the tip of the joint around and inhale the smoke that is coming off of the cherry. but be carefull not to burn your lips or let any smoke get to your eyes. it really burns the eyes.

    super2200 Well-Known Member

    thats snow capping and you really just get a lip numby, if you want to cook it just get some baking soda and a spoon. put some coke in the spoon and add a bit less than 1/3 baking soda I mean just a bit. add water and cook with lighter enough to bubble up good, you should be able to start stirring with paper clip and you will see the rock form on the paper clip. This is like making rock candy but its freebase if you add that to your joint its a different buzz for sure

    super2200 Well-Known Member

    Oh yah, I forgot to tell you not to do coke

    super2200 Well-Known Member

    Heres a good one for fast buzz and head rush. remove almost all the tobacco out of a ciggarette maybe leave fingernail heights worth and then dump some coke enough for few good lines and then take the remaining tobacco and loosen it up along the cig while holding it upwards then gently twist the top. Now pull the filter out with your teeth and replace with nice rolled up piece of match pack or something you can still pinch. Light that cig holding it upward and you will get a huge head rush. We used to call that smoking a dog, some call it a coolie

    pinkjackyle Well-Known Member

    jimmie john - with tobacco jimmie jane - with weed .

    ANC Well-Known Member

    coke sucks arse, but you are about to find out for yourself
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    don2009 Well-Known Member

    Guarantee your gonna end up a fiend, just stay with the green!

    puffntuff Well-Known Member

    Break up the weed put it in a bowl put a nice size line on it hit it and enjoy just inhale slowly to heat the yayo up

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    What kind of horse shit is this? Trying something does not garuntee you'll become a "fiend". Personally I am with ANC, coke sucks.

    Priscilla420 Guest

    Coke does suck. Your weed is better off without it.. seriously.

    Immortal911 Member

    dnt listen to the people that say your gonna become a fiend. i live in italy where all the weed is laced with coke n shit. and only the hash is pure.. and nobody here fiendin from it.

    ganji11 Active Member

    Yeah I agree coke sucks ass. Ive done it like 5-6 times and everytime it was just disappointing and made me feel wierd. Im not into speed, although I will enjoy a couple adderals every now and then.

    UNoICan New Member

    if you are wanting to try something else then f*uck coke it sucks. Get meth and you'll be buzzin round for days. Or if it was me I would just stick to weed. that other shit is to easy to get addicted to.
    sven deisel

    sven deisel Well-Known Member

    yeah i agree coke sucks ass dont ruin your weed

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    nothin like coco puffs. a blunt filled with weed and topped off with coke. gotta love it

    moedownonit Well-Known Member

    coke is ok for a hour ...then you have to keep snorting a crapload to get high, and you end up feeling shitty.

    bobbyhopefeild Active Member

    coke sucks dick cuz unless u live in a coke producing country , its normally reli dirty and cut with loads of shit. I liv in england and sum of the coke round here is around 7% actual coke, i don't even bother with it, mushrooms is way more fun and weed is nicer,
    not as bad a mephadrone though, that shit is fucking disgusting
    but why don't you bomb a bump, wait for 10 minutes and then hav a nice fat joint

    jamNburn Active Member

    I agree coke does suck. It is usually very cut. Unless your buddy scores keys. In which case it maybe good. But just not worth it. Very addicting. Short lived euphoria.

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