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How to kill spider mites and other insects without harming your health!

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Nightmarecreature, Feb 28, 2013.


    Nightmarecreature Active Member

    I use this recipe and it works a lot better than other homemade recipes! You need an oil added to this recipe to kill the eggs. Oils also kill insect eggs by penetrating the shells and interfering with metabolic and respiratory processes. Neem Oil does NOT do this on spider mites! Neem oil is useless on spider mites!

    This topic is about using safe sprays, so keep using dangerous stuff like Avid and Floramite that remains in your buds 6 months later!

    2 Garlic bulbs (Insect Repellant) Make a broth
    3 ounces of habanero or Ghost peppers! (Contact killer) Make a broth
    1 Tablespoon of Canola Oil (Egg Killer) (Also a contact killer, penetrates hard spider mite exoskeleton making them soft enough to absorb the habanero)
    1 Teaspoon of Dawn Dish Soap (Dawn contains the best wetting agent) (Breaks surface tension of water and causes mixture to stick)

    7 Cups of Water (PH water between 9PH-11PH) (This helps to denature insect proteins) (Denature= Dissolves insects into goo)

    This recipe I posted works better than most organic stuff I have used. Repeat treatment every 3 days until they are gone. You must also treat the soil at the sametime, I use Triazicide soil drenches. The Half life of Triazicide on leaf surfaces is 5 days and 30 days in soil. After 5 soil drench feedings, start using mosquito dunks with every feeding.If you don't treat the soil there is no point in treating the top of the plant.

    There is a guy on THCfarmer that used the following.
    Well 180 ish days ago I sprayed 7 Cuts with the Recommended dose of:

    Forbid 4F
    Eagle 20

    (No I didn't have mites or PM)

    Not at the same time, but over the course of 2 weeks...

    They Vegged for another 9-10 weeks, then on in the flower room they went..

    Well last week after a few week cure it was time to get the samples tested...

    I got them tested by Ca Testing Authority...

    All 7 samples tested the same...

    Avid 8ppm
    Floramite 5ppm

    Forbid and Eagle 20 free!
    I was told by them that an acceptable amount is 1ppm for human consumption.

    I also alternate with this recipe. Remember that Spider mites are the Borg and can assimilate just about anything!
    5 gallon dunk recipe:

    23 Garlic bulbs
    173ML Canola Oil
    58ML Dawn Dish Soap
    75ML Spectricide Triazicide liquid
    5 gallons of Water PH of 9-11

    cannamissri Member

    Neem oil is useless on spider mites? Not any more. You obviously have not used Quantum Apocalypse Neem oil. This is next generation neem oil. Kills the crawlers and eggs in 24-48 hrs. The product is easy to mix and use and is 3 to 5 times cheaper than other products sold at your local hydro store. here is a link to a posting in the rhode island section about quantum apocalypse-http://www.rollitup.org/rhode-island-patients/604209-quantum-apocalypse-kill-mites.html

    rootrotsucks Member

    Neem works fine if you don't mind having mites coming back for eternity.

    MidwesternGro Well-Known Member

    Three posts and they all whore the same product. At least pay to advertise on the website if you are going to create an account to spam the forums with your product.

    cannamissri Member

    sorry midwesterngro. I learned about and used a new product that helped me out. I thought that this was what this site is all about. I will go away now

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