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How to increase Potency

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Kaosisglobal, Jun 13, 2008.


    Kaosisglobal Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have any ideas for increasing potency in a grow? I recently harvested white widow. She didn't have the right enviro through all times, but never showed bad health. When smoked though, she smoked like middies. And I smoke a lot of pro grown, lol. So I can identify the bar of middy. WHY??? Lets see if we can put our heads together on this one. I am readyin up for another phase and I don't want to have low potency ever again. I am harvesting quite a few plants this month. Other than 2 sogs of widow (from clone), all are two other strains. Ice and a mystery strain I got from a grow bud years ago. Who I unfortunately don't have contact with. I don't want my other girls coming out mid grade. He was a genious. I'm like a newb with skills. But I have to keep that potency high. So what did I do wrong? Someone show me why I'm a newb. and my skills aren't there yet. Thanks.
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    ceerock Well-Known Member

    Im gonna stick around for this one .... what lights you using ...? nutes? ..soil or dro?

    lets get these questions out the way cause everyones gonna be askin....

    BongSith8686 Well-Known Member

    i heard from this forum that thirst starving a bud will increase resin production
    but hey im also a noob

    regrets Well-Known Member

    Potency is mainly in genetics lights and most additives go towards yields. Is it possible that you harvested either too early or too late, harvest time has a lot to do with how potent your buds are as well as the type of high you will get? How long did you flower for and what did the trichs look like when you harvested?

    ceerock Well-Known Member

    resin production is increased when you lower the humidity... The resin is actually a method the plant uses to protect itself from dehydrating..(close enough)..WOW did i just write that.....

    Kaosisglobal Well-Known Member

    Well on my finishing grow now. I have 2 DWC/bubbler tanks from Stealth Hydro. BC Nutes sold by SH. And a 400W HPS coil on core from HTGSupply. I have 4 soil pots that are flowering as well. Using organic soil they are going well. I lack a real vent system, it was a topic in my old post.

    My new setup, I answered that problem, a sealed enclosure, with a 6 in (180 CFM (I think)). I have to cut the holes in that box today, then electric and it's a wrap. I will be running 4ft. long twin tube floros in there. Until Flowering and by then my other location will be done and vacated. And I will move my 400W HPS in. I currently have 4 soil pots sitting on the floor, under a 42W CFL, which will be the future of that box. 3 are moms one a seedling of a good bag seed. Dont know what the seedling will be. I may kill one of those 3, the white widow clone I kept as a mom since I was not happy with the strain. I know genetics are half the battle. Could I have gotten shit seed from BDS on my widow? I havn't yet smoked the Ice, (2 shoots drying) They are visually different. I have a clone of Ice I kept as a mom and a clone of my mystery strain, given to me by a friend a long time ago. I am scared that my harvest through this month maybe midgrade. And though it maybe to late for this harvest. I am taking my next grow very serious, and I am not going to leave variables like humidity and temp. They were problems early on in the other spot.

    Everyones advice is well appreciated. Later

    capncash Well-Known Member

    # 1 Mistake
    most people make: not drying/curing properly-gotta let the bud dry out until it is crunchy (you will think it is too dry), then cure it in GLASS containers over a period of 1-4 weeks (bud moistens back up from within and returns to a not so dry crunchy state). This can be speeded up to 4 or 5 days by adding fans and low humidity.

    If great bud is not dried enough it still has that grassy mid grade smell. Curing it allows that starchy chlorophyll smell to turn into that sweet chronic smell.
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    capncash Well-Known Member

    Things I would do to increase potency, smell, quality (regardless of strain):

    1. Good flushes starting 2 weeks from harvest. get all the residual salts and nutrient build up out of the soil/water. I would use clearex to get the salts out. The leave stems should taste like pure water (not bitter).

    2. Get Humidity down as low as possible in the last 10 days to increase resin production. I like to drop temp a bit too.

    3. Less water in the last 10 days. Cut waterings in half in soil or hydro. Again to increase resin production.

    4. Last 2 days: No water no lights.

    5. Cut the plants down WITH THE LIGHTS OFF, dont want the plant to think it is daytime and start pulling up nutrients out of the roots. this will cut down on that grassy smell and speed up cure time a LOT.

    This is how you go from that mid hay to that sweet smell your lookin for.

    THIS is just my opinion.
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    BongSith8686 Well-Known Member


    Kaosisglobal Well-Known Member

    I think that is my problem right there. I had to pay rent and was forced to let my widow go. I hung her on a Sat. Next Fri. I put into Jars. By Sat. (the next day) I had nothing but personal scraps and my rent. So would you say drying is a 2 week process? I am going to have to build Al B Fucts dryer, cause I have to speed it up without, killing the buds. The 5 things you listed my first harvest got none of. The humidity was staying between 50 n 60. I couldn't flush out cause I had other plants in the same solution just going in to flowering. And the same with lights. I had other girls around her, and she was the only one ready at that time.

    The next girl I am harvesting is living in between 30-40% mid to low 70s and is on pure water now. The bad thing with the light cycle is my lights run at night at that spot, and I like to work at night. Cause I am bringin the plants to dry in a different spot. What do you recommend using to move fresh cut plants. I threw two shoots yesterday in a kitchen garbage bag. Still sticky as ever as I manicured the buds. It's so crazy how thin the branches get when your done cutting the bullshit. I weighed the shit I cut out, 2 Os in leaves, lol. On two shoots. Keep in mind those two shoots came off of a 5 footer, and those 2 would be like 4 of someones SOG.

    flowerpowerdude Active Member

    I beleave that UVB participate in thc production process and can increase potency. I am tryint it in my current growth with ak-48 strain.
    UVB doesn't increase yeld but potency for what i understud...
    Low humidity also seams to increse resin production. my grow room has 30% humidity during day period and 50 to 60 at night.

    YouTube - THC, UVB and Me

    My grow diary in youtube:
    YouTube - flowerpowerdude's Channel

    I am posting the finish of my baby with uvb lights here:

    Gbusandthedisciples Active Member

    go buy some carbo blast by holland's secret... it will change your life

    damntheman7784 New Member

    Increasing THC
    1. Water
    Many studies have been carried out on the relationship of water and THC content and all seem to agree that when faced with low water supply and low humidity THC levels are increased.
    2. Light
    These [studies] showed that under conditions of high UV-B (280-315 nm) exposure, cannabis produces significantly greater quantities of THC.
    3. Stress
    I have also come across many tips about wounding your plant to increase THC. "Wounding" refers to maybe bending the stem a little or cutting it with a clean razor. I'm told anything above these wounds, will become stronger when it heals. "What doesnt kill you makes you stronger."

    Quote from previous poster.

    Golden420 Active Member

    What No No never starve them amigo it does increase resin glands but there a living thing. Overall starving is damaging.

    Kaosisglobal Well-Known Member

    Have you harvested before the UVB with that AK? Let me know the differences if yes. I am not ready to buy anymore lights as I am broke and have everything I need. Though I watched Marijuana Mans video and do agree that he got it right.

    capncash Well-Known Member

    Bending does seem to make denser nugs at the tops of the bend.

    Also letting it dry and cure in the dark so thc is not damaged by light.

    Kaosisglobal Well-Known Member

    How dark does dark have to be? Night cycle dark. Or ambient but not direct room light will be ok?
    OB Cron Kenobi

    OB Cron Kenobi Well-Known Member

    i have always been told you shouldnt be able to see your hand in front of your face... that dark. DARK!

    Kaosisglobal Well-Known Member

    I'm definantly dont have it that dark. I will work on a way.
    OB Cron Kenobi

    OB Cron Kenobi Well-Known Member

    despite marijuana mans claim that UVB is not present in HID lamps, My local hydro shop, which usually tries to sell me tons of extra shit, advised me that these reptile bulbs are not the way to go... He showed me the chart on the back of the MH bulb box (the hortilux, the same one i have i believe- havent checked) and it actually has a very high output of UVB, he said that he infact uses that in his flowering weeks 6-8 to harden and crystalize the buds, then a final week of HPS to amber them all, then 36 hrs of darkness, then harvest... his exact directions...

    So due to it being cheaper, and him being a pretty bold albeit young in appearance hydro store worker... I will follow his advise and rock my MH for those perscribed weeks,

    I think Marijuana man only compared HPS as that is what most people use to flower... But people like Lacy, I know of, and others on this site- use MH the whole grow with good results, perhaps they produce more THC to get high... while HPSers produce more CBN's and CBG's .... who knows...

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