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how to increase potency

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by pothead6, Jun 21, 2007.


    pothead6 New Member

    how would i increase the potency of already picked bud if u include increadsents plzzz state where i would get them thanks

    moxtox Well-Known Member

    you cant increase the "potency" in terms of %thc. however you can cure them and make them a more enjoyable/tastier smoke. is this what you are referring to?


    GoodFriend Lumberjack

    ... i know it doens't necessarily "increase potency"

    but gram for gram, water cured bud will have more cannabanoids in it that air cured but, because of the impurities removed

    make sense?

    pm videoman for info on water curing and the pro's/con's about it

    pothead6 New Member

    i heard something about dry ice that can increase potency by 500%
    beenthere donethat

    beenthere donethat Well-Known Member

    ^^^^^^^70's myth^^^^^^^^^

    potency is genetically controlled. Good seeds = good weed.

    GoodFriend Lumberjack

    the only way to "increase potency" is the increase the amount of thc you consume in a hit... thats why water curing can sorta claim it does this...
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    African Herbsman

    African Herbsman Well-Known Member

    it u spray bug spray on htem they get you higher............jk dont do it lol

    Purple_Ganja Well-Known Member

    Well... I have an idea that I'm going to try tonight...
    I have a bottle of golden grain, I'm gonna pour all of it into my hooka vase and smoke a double stuffed bowl of that good sticky. That's how I plan to increase my fucken potency lol.

    Unfortunately I don't think I should try that until I can get to where I don't have to drive anymore today. So I'm anxiously gonna be waiting another 5.5 hours.

    moxtox Well-Known Member

    The only way to increase potency 500% is by following this brew:

    1 eye of newt
    1 loch of virgins hair
    6 gulps pigs blood
    left to cure in a pot for a three moons stare

    Now, you're going to need a stirring stick and a culdron sitting on a fire lit by burning appletree wood and bullrushes. THAT is for sure the only 100% tested, tried and true way to increase potency of your bud by 500%.

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    lex Active Member

    awesome! i tried it and it worked. hahahaha

    Rockstar Active Member

    One loch of Moxtox's hair?

    Wicked Active Member

    I dont really know a way to increase the potency of the buds, but i do know how to extract all of the thc from the buds so you can experience the full effect of your shit.

    You will need ONE CUP of food grade glycerin.
    ONE OUNCE of top grade bud....chopped up with scissors or a burst in a cuisinart.
    A Quart jar with a good SEAL.

    Put the ingredients in the jar and give it a shake for about 5-10 minutes a day for two months. (IT IS WORTH the TIME!)

    Press out the glycerin in a food food press(or good strainer); and put in brown bottles with eyedropper.

    I use a professional food press, so I get back the total amount of glycerin plus a little extra. A ricer will also work well if you line it with cheesecloth.

    for me, this shit is killer.. I did three drops first time, and I had a hard time moving from the spot that I was in, 3 hours later, it lifted a tad bit but shit its like smoking a blunt of some widow its crazy.

    gangakween Active Member

    your a fuckin moron you could have 6 gulps of my shit....=]

    Proph Well-Known Member

    BUT, IF YOU LIKE THE TASTE / SMELL OF YOUR HERB DO NOT WATER CURE. ALL taste and smell is gone, its horrible lol but it does still get you high.
    King of weed

    King of weed Member

    There are 2 ways to increase the potency which I know work for a fact.
    The first and most effective way.... hot ice! A glass jar tends to work well.... put your weed into a jar, put some hot ice in with it, normal ice wont work, you'll just end up with a soggy mess. Remember to make a hole in the lid or somewhere on the jar so that it doesn't burst. Leave the jar in a freezer for a few days, the longer the better. 2 weeks should do nicely :) And vuala... your weed should be almost twice as potent.

    The second way I know of... burying it! Although this takes much longer to increase the potency than using hot ice :\ But it still works pretty well. So.... put your weed into a packet/container. My advice is to seal it up really well so that no air can go in or out. Trust me... water vapour still gets in. Then, bury in a cool... dark spot. Burying in wet soil tends to work best. I buried my'n underneath the geyser pipe in my back yard as it drips quite often and that patch is always moist. Leave it buried for about 4-6 weeks. Again... the longer the better. I left my'n buried for 6... definitely worth the wait. The mistake I made was burying a full 300g block... so only the outside layers seemed to increase in potency. Breaking it up first if you are burying quantity like I did would be a good idea to ensure that all' of it becomes more potent instead of just the outer layers. A light mold can be seen covering the weed... kinda like a fungus. This means that operation 'bury your weed' was a success :) You can just taste the increase in potency!! It tastes a lil hectic :\ but if you're a genuine weed smoker... its all coca cola ;)
    Trust me... this works..... enjoy ;)

    bigkuz68 Active Member

    why not just get some better genetics i mean who wants to smoke mold or tasteless buds?

    growman09 Active Member

    good call bigkuz lol

    The2TimEr Well-Known Member

    hot ice ????
    explain please !!

    Mr.GreenJeans Well-Known Member

    Hot ice = dry ice, I assume.

    Like a previous poster stated --- it's a 70's myth. You CANNOT increase the THC content by ANY means once it is harvested/dried/cured. Period.


    isaweqwty Member

    I accept with information:The first and most effective way hot ice! A glass jar tends to work well put your weed into a jar, put some hot ice in with it, normal ice wont work, you'll just end up with a soggy mess. Remember to make a hole in the lid or somewhere on the jar so that it doesn't burst. Leave the jar in a freezer for a few days, the longer the better.

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