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How to improve my yields?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by GHOPZZ, Oct 17, 2011.


    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    Ok, I'm looking to improve my yields in soil growing, I am going to train my plants more and vegg a little longer. But nute wise and water wise is where I think I can make improvements. I currently use BMO Nutes which are organic, and water twice a week. I'm harvesting in 5 gallon pots in about a month, yield looks really week. What nutes and what are some experienced growers pulling in a 4x4x7 space under a 600 watt hps?

    SCARHOLE Well-Known Member

    Chee Zee

    Chee Zee Member

    how long did you veg for?? longer veg time = bigger plants = bigger yield. but you have to keep them managable for your space or things will get overcrowded

    id look into a foliar feed ( feeds through the leaves ), like the one im using called halo.


    massah Well-Known Member

    you also say you have a month left...PLENTY of time to fatten her up...get cracking! :D

    golddog Well-Known Member

    I am growing in a 3X4X7 space using a 600 watt to flower.

    I started my seeds in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil and 50% perlite in party cups under big CFL's, then I transplanted them to 1 gallon with the same 50/50 mix. Now I have transplanted them into 3 gallons 2/3rd FFOF 1/3 Perlite.

    I Use the trio Grow Big, Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom and the solubles Open Besame, Beastie Blooms and Cha Ching. As needed by the plants.

    Expecting a finish around New Years. I plan on taking a pound dried. :joint::peace:

    dura72 Well-Known Member

    in that space with a 600hps and organic nutes i usually pull around 3-3.5oz per plant. thats a 4-5 weeks veg time.

    DrFever New Member

    in order to achieve good yields you need to FEED FEED FEED everywatering slowing upping the nutes
    you need excellent air exchange meaning constant fresh air Vegging no less then 3 weeks
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    Diabolus Sonata

    Diabolus Sonata Member

    I cant stress enough about AIR and a lot of people just dismiss it as a given. Add some negative air pres and your off to the races.

    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    On my next attempt, should I water more a week? Feed every watering , rather than just once a week? And add more air flow and foliar feeding?

    BlstasONmeFngas Member

    I recently visited a Hydroponics shop and was told Fox Farm is the best to go with.
    I have seen nothin but good plants when the fox farm trio was used and I can't wait to transplant and pick them up myself.

    boneheadbob Well-Known Member

    Its all in the roots. If you want bigger yields, improve your root system with some mycos and go to a bigger pot

    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    What are mycos and when and how offten do u apply it? Is it something you mix into your medium?

    zvuv Active Member

    Just my opinion but I don't think chasing nutes is the most productive way to grow. Not saying it won't help but you are growing in FFOF in 5 ga buckets and adding supplementary nutes, the plant cant be starved for nutes. There might be room for improvement but she is already in the ballpark.

    IMO you want to think about canopy management. That's where the big gains will be in your case.

    Do you have enough canopy to use all the light you have? Like Chee Zee said, are the plants big enough when you start 12/12? Then consider LST or mini SCROGs to improve the plant's exposure to the light.

    Pictures would really help.
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    canefan Well-Known Member

    I don't grow in store bought dirt or fillers but there is so much more to growing in soil than just adding something out of a bottle and expect outstanding results. IMHO there are not shortcuts to building soil which will grow plants that produce up to their potential. You must look at your container as a complete eco system that works with the plant to supply its' requirements as needed. I believe it is subcool that has the thread on supersoil, you certainly don't have to go that far in the beginning but build to it. Your soil should contains many varieties of microbes which will occur naturally in good soil but will need to be fed and nourished. This can be done through additives or the ingrediants which are in the composition of your mix already.
    If you are growing in 5 gal containers and you are watering more than every 5 days or so you are more than likely overwatering your plants. Overwatering in itself will decease yields and harm your soil. If you need to feed everywatering to keep plants green then your soil is lacking basic ingrediants. It is basically going to come down to asking yourself what your goal is and then how to achieve it. You have to consider, initial expense, amount of time you are willing to provide and how far you want to go into growing organically in containers.
    Best of luck to you

    Endur0xX Well-Known Member

    is it actually good for the plant the negative air pressure or just for smell!?

    dura72 Well-Known Member

    negative air pressure means the grow area is constantly being replenished with clean air so in addition to clearing the smell quicker it helps the plants by reducing mold, heat , dust particles and other airborne shit that fucks with them. plants require carbon dioxide so as well as oxygen and hydrogen the draw will bring in this as well. its the overall effect of cleaning the air thats beneficial.

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