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how to hermie wo chems?

Discussion in 'Breeders Paradise' started by 8/10, Jul 17, 2017.


    8/10 Well-Known Member

    I have a couple chopped down females that I left with a few buds each. I am now taking a long break from growing and I want to get some seeds for future projects. How do I get these ladies to hermie without using chemicals?

    Reveg or let them keep flowering? Stress, lightleaks etc?

    vostok Well-Known Member

    Rodelization is your friend

    or the English equivalent

    good luck
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    8/10 Well-Known Member

    Perfect, thanks bud.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    except its too late for them to self seed, you'll have to gather pollen from their fingers and still need a budding young girl to pollinate.

    8/10 Well-Known Member

    I thought they grew nanners to self pollinate towards the end of their life cycle?

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    As has already been stated by vostok, rodelization is the only way. You have to let the plant grow and hope it develops nanners. Sometimes they won't and even when they do it can be tricky to get the pollen and get a good fertilization.
    Chemicals work. You're not going to be smoking the plant. All you need is the pollen. None of the chemicals are going to taint the weed you grow from seeds crossed with pollen made using silver thiosulfate. I use the silver thiosulfate solution instead of colloidal silver because the results are much better. At least in my experience and you don't have to spray for a week.
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