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How to guarantee a MALE (NOT FEMALE) marijuana plant? Advice Please

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by beginner.legal.growop, Jun 12, 2012.


    beginner.legal.growop Well-Known Member


    I am currently growing like 11 plants and they are all from feminized seeds that I bought. I got a few regular seeds from a friend from his last grow and his plants grew faster than any plant I have ever seen, they also never had any pest problems, and the bud was amazing.

    I just planted one of them and basically I am asking how I could guarantee that the plant will be a MALE and NOT a FEMALE.

    I want this plant to be male because I would like to specifically pollinate 1 of my auto flowers and 1 of my other Non Auto flower plants so I will have some seeds for my next grow.

    I know I can almost guarantee a male by letting the plant grow its whole life in a 16 oz cup and by giving it a small amount of fertilizer, but does anybody know any ways that might be more effective. I do not care if the outcome is a hermaphrodited plant because I read that when you pollinate a female with a hermaphrodite the outcome is feminized seeds (Ed Rosenthal's Growers Handbook).

    So if anyone know any info on getting 100% males everytime please let me know! Also I am going to pollinate the plants by putting pollen in a plastic bag, covering a nug, and shaking the pollen onto the nug. For 24 hours I will keep the plant inside under CFL's and shake it off the next day. Then move it outside back into the strong outside sun. Will this work? I dont really care if I get a few seeds in my other bud...

    I am basically asking, what are the best ways to STRESS THE SHIT out of a plant so it become a male.

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    anyone who thinks u can impact the outcome of the sex of a plant is wrong...think of it this way...genes are in the seed before its a plant, it is a male or a female right then and there it doesnt BECOME male or female.....so stressing the plant is just going to give you a crappier plant and make it hard to tell which male is the one to use...what you need to do is grow the reg beans to the best of your ability and YOU WILL get a male, thats life. pop 5 and u will get at least one male, most likely ofcourse, but you want to grow em all the best you can so you can see which is the strong good male to use in breeding

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    you can stress a plant to make it hermie but think of it this way if you could stress a plant to cause it to come out male then why do some super stressed plants come out female?! because it was predetermined

    beginner.legal.growop Well-Known Member

    I would have to disagree with you on this one. Ed Rosenthal's Growers Hand Book, Jorge Cervantes's Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible, many threads, and many searches throughout google tell me differently.

    Here is a quote from Jorge Cervantes's book; "Environmental Factors start influencing sex the moment the seedling has three pairs of true leaves (not counting cotyledons). Environmental factors that influence sex determination of cannabis include but are not limited to:
    -Increasing the level of nitrogen makes more female plants. Lower the nitrogen level to create more male plants. Increase the level of potassium to increase male tendencies;lowering the potassium level encourages female plants. A higher nitrogen and a lower potassium level for the first two weeks increases females.
    -Low temperatures increase the number of female plants, warm temperatures make more males.
    -High Humidity Increases the number of female plants. Low humidity increases male plants.
    -Low growing medium moisture increases male plants."

    Must I go on?!?!?

    I mean it seems like there is quite a bit of science behind this... The list goes on and on after that, but my fingers are tired...

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    i dont see any science there.....genes are genes man their is no living thing on earth that doesnt have its sexuality predetermined why would pot be any different

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    ive had high temp high humidity and low amounts of water in my medium for outdoor grows and still gotten mostly females...plus id that was the case why do growers get males all the time as noone sets up unideal conditions?

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    ....anyway regardless of that im still right in my main message ....you want to grow all the plants to the best of your ability and in normal conditions to find the strongest plant that was going to be a male regardless

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    also your wrong ed rosenthal agrees with me the sex is predetermined in the seed HOWEVER environmental factors can cause intersex and a switch in sex which then causes a plant to become less potent or viable......genes are genes man dont play god grow the plants and pick the best true male .....here read this i snatched it from another thread like this

    Ed Rosenthal and Mel Frank have this to say on the topic ::

    "Abnormal Flowers, Intersexes, Reversals

    Gender is set in the new plant at the time of fertilisation by its inheritance of either the X or the Y chromosome from the male (staminate) plant. With germination of the seed, the environment comes into play. Heritage sets the genetic program, but the environment can influence how the program runs. (Sexual expression in Cannabis is delicately balanced between the two.) The photoperiod, for example, controls the plant's sequence of development. Also, the plant's metabolism and life processes are dependent on growing conditions. When the environment does not allow a balance to be maintained, the normal genetic program may not be followed. This is mirrored by abnormal growth or sexual expression.

    Abnormal Flower : Abnormal sexual expression includes a whole range of possibilities. Individual flowers may form abnormally, and may contain varying degrees of both male and female flower parts. For instance, a male flower may bear a stigma; or an anther may protrude from the bracts of a female flower. Abnormally formed flowers are not often seen on healthy plants, although if one looks hard enough, a few may be found in most crops. When many of the flowers are abnormal, an improper photoperiod (coupled with poor health) is the most likely cause. Abnormal flowers sometimes form on marijuana grown out of season, such as with winter or spring crops grown under natural light.

    Intersexes and Reversals Much more common than abnormally formed flowers is for the plant's sex to be confused. One may find an isolated male flower or two; or there may be many clusters of male flowers on an otherwise female plant, or vice versa. These plants are called intersexes (also hermaphrodites or monoecious plants). Intersexes due to environment causes differ from natural hermaphrodite in having random distributions and proportions of male and female flowers. In more extreme cases, a plant may completely reverse sex. For example, a female may flowers normally for several weeks, then put forth new, sparse growth, typical of the male, on which male flowers develop. The complete reversal from male flowering to female flowering also happens.

    All other things being equal, the potency of intersexes and reversed plants is usually less than that of normal plants. If there are reversals or intersexes, both of the sexes will usually be affected. Female plants that reverse to male flowering show the biggest decline. Not only is the grass less potent, but the amount of marijuana harvested from male flowers is negligible compared to the amount of marijuana that can be harvested from a normal female. Plants that change from male to female flowering usually increase their potency, because of the growth of female flower bracts with their higher concentration of resin. Female flowers on male plants seldom form as thickly or vigorously as on a normal female. Between the loss in potency and the loss in yield because of females changing to males, a crop from such plants is usually inferior, in both yield and potency, to one from normal plants.

    Environmental Effects

    Many environmental factors can cause intersexes and sexual reversals. These include photoperiod, low light intensity, applications of ultraviolet light, low temperatures, mutilation or severe pruning, nutrient imbalances or deficiencies, senescence (old age), and applications of various chemicals (see bibliography on sex determination).

    The photoperiod (or time of planting using natural light) is the most important factor to consider for normal flowering. In 1931, J. Schaffner (105) showed that the percentage of hemp plants that had confused sexual characteristics depended on the time of year they were planted. Normal flowering (less than five percent of the plants are intersexes) occurred when the seeds were sown in May, June, or July, the months when the photoperiod is longest and light intensity is strongest. When planted sooner or later in the year, the percentage of intersexuals increased steadily, until about 90 percent of the plants were intersexual when planted during November or early December.

    Marijuana plants need more time to develop than hemp plants at latitudes in the United States. Considering potency, size, and normal flowering, the best time to sow for the summer crop is during the month of April. Farmers in the south could start the plants as late as June and still expect fully developed plants.

    If artificial light is used, the length of the photoperiod can influence sexual expression. Normal flowering, with about equal numbers of male and female plants, seems to occur when the photoperiod is from 15 to 17 hours of light for a period of three to five months. The photoperiod is then shortened to 12 hours to induce flowering. With longer photoperiods, from 18 to 24 hours a day, the ratio of males to females changes, depending on whether flowering is induced earlier or later in the plant's life. When the plants are grown with long photoperiods for six months or more, usually there are at least 10 percent more male then female plants. When flowering is induced within three months of age, more females develop. Actually, the "extra" males or females are reversed plants, but the reversals occur before the plants flower in their natural genders.

    Some plants will flower normally without a cutting of the photoperiod. But more often, females will not form thick buds unless the light cycle is cut to a period of 12 hours duration. Don't make the light cycle any shorter than 12 hours, unless the females have not shown flowers after three weeks of 12-hour days. Then cut the light cycle to 11 hours. Flowers should appear in about one week.

    Anytime the light cycle is cut to less than 11 hours, some intersexes or reversed plant usually develop. This fact leads to a procedure for increasing the numbers of female flowers indoors. The crops can be grown for three months under a long photoperiod (18 or more hours of light). The light cycle is then cut to 10 hours. Although the harvest is young (about five months) there will be many more female flower buds than with normal flowering. More plants will develop female flowers initially, and male plants usually reverse to females after a few weeks of flowering.

    Of the other environmental factors that can affect sexual expression in Cannabis, none are as predictable as the photoperiod. Factors such as nutrients or pruning affect the plant's overall health and metabolism, and can be dealt with by two general thoughts. First, good growing conditions lead to healthy plants and normal flowering: female and male plants occur in about equal numbers, with few (if any) intersexes or reversed plants. Poor growing conditions lead to reduced health and vigour, and oftentimes to confused sex in the adult plant. Second, the age of the plants seems to influence reversals. Male plants often show female flowers when the plant is young (vigorous) during flowering. Females seven or more months old (weaker) often develop male flowers after flowering normally for a few weeks.

    Anytime the plant's normal growth pattern is disrupted, normal flowering may be affected. For instance, plant propagated from cuttings sometimes reverse sex, as do those grown for more than one season."

    WattSaver Well-Known Member

    you can with the use of chemicals. You can use colloidal silver, start spraying during the last wk in veg and continue 2wk into flower, or until you get bananas. Give this THREAD a read

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    colloidal silver causes hermaphrodites not full on males...anyway thats unatural....just GROW THE REG BEANS AND FIND A GOOD MALE!!!!

    WattSaver Well-Known Member

    it does not create a hermi. if all bud sites are sprayed then no female flowers will grow, but it will only have female genes to pass on. And the base question was how to create a male, not find a male.

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    ya u create a male by putting a seed in dirt and watering it properly...any other way is subpar just my opinion...why do you think fem beans have hermie issues for many companies? because they are unstable...you want the best seeds from your own breeding project and their is no other way to go but growing a seed out and finding the best male

    Grumpy' Active Member

    With the pollen from a cs treated plant, you create female seed. So that isn't a viable male creation either, as a male will make both. So there is no way (that I know or have heard) to make a true male.

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the backup noone will listen to me lol....for the fifth time just grow ur beans out and pick the best male!! you CANNOT change the sex of a seed it IS predetermined!!

    jofey Active Member

    must agree i fed several regular bagseed wae more nitro rich foods and i have only had 1 male so far.....(out of 10 bagseed)aprox

    ru4r34l Well-Known Member

    If you really want a male, kermit2692 has you covered; grow regular beans and pick your best male. If it is pollen you are after you can use many methods documented on this very site to produce female genetics pollen.


    drolove Well-Known Member

    not everything you read in those books is true...i've read many grow books that have contradicting statements in them. some say this works, some say this doesnt, whos right? the only way to know is do it and try it.

    and most likely its all built into the genetics like posted before.

    beginner.legal.growop Well-Known Member

    I already bought a bottle Colloidal Silver....

    I fucked up when asking my question, I just really wanted to know, how to stress a feminized seed into becoming a hermaphrodite. Which you can do by changing the light or using colloidal silver...

    I do NOT WANT REGULAR BEANS! they are a waste of my money, because I have to use a lot of extra soil.

    I WANT FEMINIZED BEANS BABY! So I am going to spray my bitches in the last few weeks of flowering to get some bananas to grow.

    You can also achieve a hermaphrodite by harvesting 95% of the plant and leaving on nug on to grow and some leaves. This will stress the plant either to death or barely to death, causing it to grow some bananas.

    I still need to read more about how to use colloidal silver, does anyone have any knowledge on this?

    kermit2692 Well-Known Member

    ok NOOW that changes everything lol....i dont know much about that but keep in mind the beans you make have a high chance of herming on you if you go that route...

    beginner.legal.growop Well-Known Member

    Well think about it this way, all fem seeds you get through attitude are the product of a stress produced hermi pollinating a female.

    If you buy a feminized seed online, these are usually going to have pretty good genetics.

    I have been reading and usually the plants that herm after there first spray are not good and will pass through their genetics all female seeds, but they will be VERY VERY easy to hermaphrodite.

    Plants that hermi out on their 2nd and 3rd sprays are the best candidates to use for pollination, because they will pass down stronger genetics, meaning you will get all feminized seeds with a very very low chance to turn hermaphrodite.

    Also when choosing a plant to spray, you will want to go with the plants that are growing the fastest and showing the best genetics possible.

    Please correct me if I am misunderstood, I am a fast reader.

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