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How to grow inside with the full power of the sun (yes the actual sun)

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Kaptain Kron, Dec 11, 2010.

    Kaptain Kron

    Kaptain Kron Well-Known Member

    Check this out guys i feel bad not saying anything about this im sure some of you may have thought of it already as well but i have seen nothing posted on it so i think im going to throw it up. A friend of mine decided that he didn't have the money to keep payin to grow with electricity constantly even with LED's. At the time he was going through a remodel. Partly why he couldnt afford the electricity to grow anymore. So i told him about this thing my grandpa had to light his bathroom. Anyways long story short he got one of these bad boys and has since gotten a few more.


    These are great yes you still need a little supplemental lighting say during the winter time for veg but thats not that big of a deal.

    Go green save electricity guys and stay off the grid and inside while still using the sun ah yesh i see a few of these in my future. Thanks grandpa for turning me onto these. :mrgreen:
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    justparanoid Well-Known Member

    right on, anywhere you can go green when growing is a great thing. the sun, the ultimate grow light!


    stoneyluv Well-Known Member

    That looks awesome for attic growers.... like you said you still need other lighting for short days and such but what a great one time spend to get lots of sunlight!!!

    Balzac89 Undercover Mod

    I just wanna know how pricey these things are.

    kiwiskunk Well-Known Member

    That is insane!! I wonder if we can get them in NZ... Do the plants stretch much?? any pics?

    kiwiskunk Well-Known Member

    Also what 'effect lense' did he use and did he get the ventilation pack? sorry for the questions just curious haha

    GibbsIt89 Well-Known Member

    that is AWSOME bro.. def. agree, perfect for attic growers..

    gobbly Well-Known Member

    I've seen several setups for coral propogation using these. They were not cheap, the tubes themselves weren't terrible, but when you think of paying a contractor to cut holes in the roof, run it down through attics and maybe floors, etc, it get pricey fast.

    Also the par rating they provide is less than I would have expected. I guess even with proper spectral aluminum they end up reflecting a lot to get down into a room.
    Kaptain Kron

    Kaptain Kron Well-Known Member

    it depends on how you install them and also this is more of a DIY thing if you pay someone to do it it gets too expensive you kinda have to know what you are doing. Not sure what lense and stuff my friend is using but i think its just the normal daylight one. They dont cover as much area as you think but they work and are great if your trying to stay off the grid and keep a low profile. You have to minimize the amount of length the tube has to travel for it to work really good for growing. It's very doable though and i would not be running just one if i was running one of these in a room it would be multiple ones probably. Just something for you guys to think about. Interesting stuff you know

    Punk Well-Known Member

    I was going to suggest a nuclear fussion reactor....you know? just really capture the sun. Wonder if the neighbors would complain...
    Kaptain Kron

    Kaptain Kron Well-Known Member

    rofl.... lol seriously though im being serious these things work.
    loaded dervish

    loaded dervish Active Member

    If you are going to go this rought you might as well make your own green house. It would be alot easyer then cutting holes in your roof. plastic green house do not cost mutch get the foged plastic on the sides so no one can see in.
    Kaptain Kron

    Kaptain Kron Well-Known Member

    yea man the point of this is to be completely low key stealth a greenhouse no matter what the siding is fogged or clear is not low key.
    LT1RX7 Drifter

    LT1RX7 Drifter Active Member

    the light from them is all reflected, plants need a period of direct light
    Kaptain Kron

    Kaptain Kron Well-Known Member

    it doesnt matter that the light is refracted and its not refracted all day only part of the day i've seen plants frown under these.

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