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How to Grow in Corn Field?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by youngg692, Oct 23, 2010.


    youngg692 Member

    i would like to know everything about growing in corn field.

    -When to plant - (seed or clones)
    -Do i have to do anything with the soil
    -nutes or just water

    I was wondering when to plant the seed cuz i cant realy go plant the seed at day time because people will see me and if the corn arent high anought to hide my self in it.. when do i do this ?:-P


    Saerimmner Well-Known Member

    more to the point you need to find out what date the corn gets chopped otherwise it will be a combine harvester harvesting your plant and not you and then see if your plant can grow and flower in the time youve got til the corn gets chopped, if not its back to the drawing board

    youngg692 Member

    no worrys the corn is still up by now but some are getting chopped so ill plant late may or early june and harvest in october.

    purplehazin Well-Known Member

    Really? You can't find a better spot to grow MJ than your neighbors corn field? How about you grow up, and when you move out of your parents house, you can grow indoors.

    cowell Well-Known Member

    So this farmer doesn't spray his crops part way through the growing season? I grew up on a farm, and I remember lots of "plots" discovered by the old man. He'd call the cops every time. His logic was whoever planted in his field was stealing space from him growing his crops and feeding his family. I tend to agree. Find a spot in the woods and then you don't have to worry about the farmer taking it down earlier than you are ready to.. the cops waiting for you to come harvest it.. or the farmer (which all have shotguns to let you know-and most don't take kindly to strangers rooting around on their property with all the home invasions and break and enters you hear about now a days..- depends on the farmer's attitude on trespassers though really);)

    Kerovan Well-Known Member

    how can you guarantee that? Outdoor flowering cannot be controlled by you. They will flower when they want to and won't be ready until they are ready. Outdoor harvests aren't ready a lot of times until the first frost hits. Corn is long gone by that time.

    youngg692 Member

    any advice any1? in the woods they wont have anough light so ill stick with my corn field idea.

    cowell Well-Known Member

    how is it they won't have enough light in the woods? you look for a clearing ... never mind.. grow in a field.. keep the cops busy for us.
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    Saerimmner Well-Known Member

    young, listen to the advice in here, most of these ppl(not me) have been growing longer than youve been walking the earth so if they say can an idea just can it
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Considering the number of messages I have read over the years about people who grew in corn fields losing their crop or being busted I think it is a less than intelligent choice to make to grow in a corn field but the part about corn being long gone before a herb crop would be ready to harvest it only speculation. It would depend on a good number of things.

    As of the 12th of this month only 51% of the 18 top corn producing states corn crop have been harvested, and that is up 38% from 2009. Lots of harvesting comes later than people think. If the person knows the field he would plant in is always harvested late in the season he could pick a strain that could finish in time. It could in the end go either way and they could lose but there is a good chance that the corn would not be "long gone" by the time his plants were ready to harvest and it could be pulled off ... IF the grower gets very lucky in regards to all the other possible risks.

    I would never risk growing in a corn field but I can see why some people think it would be a good idea. Tall plants around other tall plants making them all blend together so they do not stand out, in a farmer's field where people seldom, if ever, take a stroll and if they do there is so much acreage that the odds are slim it would be where their plants are. It can sound like a darn good idea to someone who has never learned about how many people lose crops and or get busted by trying to grow in some farmer's field.

    People should stop breaking his balls over it and let him do whatever he wants. He just has to realize that when he plants in a farmer's field he's made his bed and he'll have to bang whatever crawls into it ........ even if it is really fugly.
    Carl Spackler

    Carl Spackler Well-Known Member

    As a former grain-producer and farmer I would never consider putting cannabis along side my corn crop, even if I thought there was little to no risk of discovery. The planting of hybrid-corn in the past 70+ years has become the norm for all farmers that expect to have high yields for their crop. Field corn or "Dent corn" is the most common type of corn grown in the US. Corn of this variety usually grows between 8'-11' tall and is a extremely fast grower. Since it is also planted very close together to maximize yield, it tends to naturally dominate any plants in the under-story that attempt to germinate and get a foothold in the field. If the farmer is growing silage for the production of feed for cattle or swine, the density is even higher. Monocultures are all about the dominance of one species. The amount of light that the cannabis would receive alone would preclude a quality grow. Couple that with the timing of the corn harvest (usually well in advance of the cannabis) along with the use of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer(s) and various herbicides makes a corn field a poor choice for cannbis growing.

    Fuzzbutter Active Member

    Dude, if it's not your field, you don't have a right to plant in it. Period. Doesn't matter about getting found or the harvest or whatever, it's not your land! That's really all there is to it.

    youngg692 Member

    well its just if i grow in the wood where light goes i still have to get there and have way more chance to get seen by people walking there. the corn field where i wanna do it is a realy nice spot i know when they harvest and i know nobody will come steel my shit cuz no1 pass by there and its not very far and easy to reach , hide ect.

    my question do i have to do anything to the soil ? nutes or just water ? im sure some1 on this forum will know and already did it or still doing it.

    thanks .

    youngg692 Member

    Thats what i like to read.

    lambofgod Well-Known Member

    the fact you would want to plant anything your wanting to smoke or injest at harvest...in a field thats most likely treated with anhydrous is insane. That stuff is a main ingredient in meth. Not to mention the field is probably disc'd and "recreationaly" tilled over and over again therfor taking away tons of micro beasties and organic matter...or to mention its probably sprayed with round up atleast twice a year...and im sure no application of glycure is put on after..it wouldnt help much anyways. Stick with the woods...way better if your just gonna stick the plants in the ground.

    harrisjr132003 Member

    LOL for one.. you're in idiot. Since we have the fine pleasures of living in the US, marijuana is ILLEGAL dummy. People can plant wherever they want lol. Thats like saying Dont buy cigarettes for under-aged kids because you dont own the store. USE YOUR BRAIN MAN!!!:roll:

    steven7685 Active Member

    illegal to grow marijuana without proper prescription -yes

    being shot by a saltrock loaded 12 gauge - nice farmer

    i can only imagine that a farmer who is fed up will use real live 12 gauge bird or buckshot - dead guerrilla grower.

    you should just buy your weed until you live in a house and have room for a grow operation - save you disappointment , your freedom, or your life.
    kevin murphy

    kevin murphy New Member

    if your owning the feild grow the fuck out of it lol....safe lad...

    Jason2011 Active Member

    gday brick,
    do you think that having 2 crops together like that (MJ and corn) that if the environmental conditions had an adverse? effect on the corn and it started fruiting later in the season that it would have the same effect on the MJ plant growing in the same field ?

    gfreeman Well-Known Member

    i like how he didnt like the advice given so merely ignores it. something ive found out through life is when you ask someone something, and they respond to your question with an honest answer an you merely say, no your not right. then its blantant disrespect and i for one would pop you in your immature pompous mouth. but thats me.

    as far as doig what you want go for it. just know theres NO threads here stating" MY WWxBB cornfield GROW OP ROUND 2" cause usually round one ends in either dead plants, dead growers, or incarcerated growers. but hey, goodluck. and fyi, you might want to leave yo mommas house and get off her computer before contemplating any real grow options.

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