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How to grow in an apartment (without getting caught)

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Strolling Stoned, May 25, 2008.

    Strolling Stoned

    Strolling Stoned Active Member

    Hi, I'm a newbie. I just moved to a new state and I can't seem to find anyone who has so much as a joint to sell me. I'm frustrated.

    I live in a small, one room apartment and have a very low income. Taking this into consideration, what would be the cheapest and best way to grow my own weed without anyone who visits me ever knowing? Could I grow in the shower and just move the plants out when I need to use the shower? (Also, I'd need to be able to move everything out of the apartment from time to time when my parents come to visit) I need ideas, ideas, ideas...

    I'm thinking just two plants, one curing while the other is growing. I figure I can get an OZ or two out of each plant. Am I far off in my estimate?

    Remember this has to be on a shoestring budget. Just a basic lamp and stuff I can get a Home Depot or something.

    Please could some of you lay out what you would do step-by-step, from obtaining seed, to drying and curing; all on a shoestring budget? I want to to this in such a way that I always have a harvest to smoke as the next batch is growing. This way I'll always have my own pot and won't have to walk the streets anymore trying to find some.

    Thanks in advance for all your ideas, coaching and guidance,

    Strolling Stoned

    Last edited: May 25, 2008

    ViRedd New Member

    A very limited budget? You want to grow "one plant curing and one plant growing?" Everything has to be moved out of the apartment when your parent visit?

    My suggestion would be to find a dealer who grows his/her own fine herb and just buy it by the ounce from them.

    Not being a smart-ass here, but geeze ... in order to get an ounce or two off of one plant, you're gonna need more than a shoestring budget and a "lamp" that you buy at HomeDepot. Sorry ...


    bfq Well-Known Member

    i feel you completely! that is why i got back into growing again myself.

    putting them somewhere and then moving them wont really work... too much trouble, too much stress on the plants and then comes the 12 hour dark period... ouch! and just how stealthy are you going to be moving those plants offsite?

    look into the rubbermaid CFL grows that a lot of people here have done. they might suit your needs rather well since they are small, relatively portable, stealthy and generally inexpensive.

    Home Depot sells most everything you need for one of those and it could be done for about $50-$100 i guess.

    Vi has a point though, growing takes some studying and compact growing takes even more... and it will wind up costing you more money than you originally thought.

    start by spending a couple days absorbing everything you can from this site.

    swampgrower Well-Known Member

    just grow them in your closet.
    Strolling Stoned

    Strolling Stoned Active Member

    Thanks Vi & Bfq,

    I value your input. Your right Vi about moving the plants, it would stunt their growth or worse. And stealth... definitely a problem.

    I like the idea of compact growing bfq. I'll do a search on that and study what I find. And 50$ to 100$ at Home Depot? I like the sound of that too. Thanks.

    I've been through quite a bit of this site and most of the "grows" seem big and/or expensive. I need to find "Small and Inexpensive."

    Are there any "Magyver's" out there who have been able to produce much with very little, using "out of the box," unorthodox, creative ideas?

    There have got to be a few out there who have grown small amounts in an apartment on a shoestring budget. Please chime in and tell me how your did it.... Where there's a will, there has got to be a way...

    Thanks again in advance...

    Strolling Stoned

    Last edited: May 25, 2008

    bfq Well-Known Member

    Asheville, huh? yer right up I-40 from me... go hang out at the college and breath deep and i am sure you will find some people who will gladly sell you some dank ;)

    right now i am growing with CFL's in a total space of 4 foot x 2.5 foot by 3 foot. i have a flower and a veg area in that space and i have a total investment of about $250 into three crops and clones... i *think* i have a bit of a clue about doing it on a budget ;)

    you really need to find some of those Rubbermaid grows, man... they are pretty much exactly what you are looking for and they can get some decent results.... turn the fans off if company comes over and cover that puppy up with dirty laundry and no one will ever know... they will think you are a slob, but fuck it :D
    Strolling Stoned

    Strolling Stoned Active Member

    The college? Hmmmmm. Hadn't thought of that... The problem is being new to the area. (Moved down here from MA) In MA, I knew everyone and they knew me. So scoring some smoke was no problem.

    I'm actually in Weaverville, but I use Asheville cause' everyone knows it. (I live 5 minutes from the Asheville boarder anyway.)

    Sounds like you know what you're doing alright. Rubbermaid? I assume you're talking about the compact growing that you mentioned earlier. I'll check that out.

    Since we're neighbors, keep in touch, and I'll keep you posted...

    $250 sounds like something I could shoot for. If I could grow my own for even less all the better. Might have to try an outdoor location...

    But for now... the College it is... Thanks again. I really appreciate the advice.

    Good luck Bfq,

    Strolling Stoned (K Dean)

    bfq Well-Known Member

    if you try a guerrilla grow in NC, make sure you stay AWAY from State land! the penalties for it will make your sphincter pucker for sure!

    and yes, those Rubbermaid grows are both stealthy and compact.

    mstrymxer Well-Known Member

    i geurrilla grow but i second up the idea or the rubbermaid grows... when rents comeinto town you can nplug for up to a day and just put some crap on top of it and theyll think its stored clothes or crap

    pokey Well-Known Member

    Cannabis and Marijuana seeds :: HomeGrown420 - urban living pt. 1 (the apartment grow)

    Read up on that, as well as micro grows in general, both here and on the hg420 and icmag forums, then adapt to your needs and budget. I'd suggest a small decorative storage cabinet (3-4ft tall, 1.5-2ft wide, 1-2ft deep) with a 150w hps growing your plants in hempy buckets, build your own carbon filter, add some caulk and foam to the cab to filter light and sound, add some fans and you're set. I'd say it could be done for about $200 probably less, just use craigslist and such, along with your imagination. If you already have something to use for the cab it would be quite a bit cheaper. You could easily pull 4+ oz from a basic indica in a setup like this, put in 6 plants in one gallon containers, pop a screen over them and work from there. You don't need to go all out nutes and such, a basic supply shouldn't be too pricy.

    bfq Well-Known Member

    Pokey, that is a tight little cab going there! with HID to boot!

    Strolling, check out Fifth Season (local Asheville hydro shop) and see what you can find for pricing on HPS lights... if you can afford to go that route, do so!

    Hilikus Well-Known Member

    Wow! How can you live in Asheville and not know where any bud is? Go to the Orange Peel (music venue) on a Friday or Saturday night to see what the lot scene is like. I gaurantee you'll be offered some if you hang around long enough. You're going to have a really hard time getting the grow to happen with the guidelines you've set. You could get a whole bunch more off of a single plant if you had a better situation. Grow outdoors!!! You're by the mountains. Find the Blue Ridge Parkway!!!!
    Strolling Stoned

    Strolling Stoned Active Member

    Great input Pokey! So does just regular potting soil, tap water and miracle grow sound good? That's pretty cheap...

    bfq, is the Fifth Season (local Asheville hydro shop) a thread here somewhere?

    Hilikus, I've only been here a short time. I've done some street walking trying to find some smoke, but no luck. I'll pay a visit to the orange Peel Friday and see what happens. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I mentioned possibly growing outdoors and The Blue Ridge was suggested for an outdoor grow. It's a National Park I believe, so that wouldn't be the best of locations. Besides I'd really prefer an indoor grow, so I guess that's what I've resolved to do.

    "Compact growing" and a decorative cabinet ideas are the best suggestions for what I'm hoping to do. The rubbermaid suggestion is the most appealing thus far (thanks again bfq & mstrymxer) so that's probably the way I'll go.

    Nevertheless, I would still like to hear from others who might have some additional ideas. So I present my scenario again for those who are not in the habit of reading threads from the beginning...

    Here's my ideal scenario
    • Two plants at all times, one growing & one being cured then smoked.
    • Each plants yielding one to two ounces of strong smoke every (4 months?)
    • Both plants growing in maximum stealth in an apartment setting, undetectable to any visitors.
    • Each plant grown using "around the house" items, makeshift materials and "MacGyver" tactics and costing $100 or less to produce.
    1. Has anyone else out there successfully (and stealthily) grown two or three plants in an apartment on a shoestring budget $200 or less? If so, how did you do it?
    2. Has anyone successfully grown using "around the house" items, makeshift materials and "MacGyver" tactics? If so, please share...
    3. Also, are there any specific money saving tips and/or shortcuts you could divulge?
    Thanks again for all your assistance,

    Strolling Stoned

    Last edited: May 26, 2008

    Ivory Well-Known Member

    Awww Bro, Dude I'm 19 living in an 1 bedroom apt. Just like you :p

    So since our conditions are similar i'll give you my way.

    On ebay right now there is a 2ft high output floro tube.

    I got mine 4 months ago, and it works great for up to 3-4 plants.

    I built a little box out of just scrap wood lying around ( i broke open my speaker system and stole the wood.) LOL.

    I put in in my room with boxes piled over it so it looks like i'm not fully unpacked.

    It works bro.

    bfq Well-Known Member

    the Fifth Season is an Asheville local hydro shop, they seem to have all the higher end indoor grow materials you could ever need.

    for what you are wanting to do, this:
    would be a great investment for you. it is kinda like "Grow Cheap By The Numbers" ;)

    not the most informative of books but it gives pretty much exactly the info you must have and shows you goals and step by step of how he grew a decent yield for about $100 (he added more bulbs along the way, so i think he went up to about $150) and he used MG Potter's Mix.

    minor note, before you start thinking you will get that kind of yield on your first grow, there are two points.... Knowm has mad experience and he used Mango strain. Mango is a short grow, high yielding plant ;)

    these CFL grows do work, but good grief they are a LOT more work than HID growing!

    GreenFuzz New Member

    ok well Ive been to where hes at 278east to asheville the you take like 64 and get ooff and you in weaverville. I stayed in franklin ! it was awesome ne ways you in hickville son! I would def take the time to research a plant called lowryder...it is a autoflowering plant which means you dont have to take them out of light they can stay in light for 24/0 a day they harvest in 2.5 months and like almost an ounce a plant so get your self some fuckin $8.00 shop lite floro that putt out 80 watts each and grow em in your closet. put them in dirt tho when you grow like scotts or something from the pot store home de POT all good buddy good luck !

    Hilikus Well-Known Member

    It doesn't really matter if the BR parkway is a national park.... There's miles and miles of uninhabited land surrounding the stretch of highway. There is absolutely no way that they have enough people surveying the lands for any illegal activity. The only thing I can say is, STRICTLY follow the speed limits and don't smoke while you are driving around. Every offense brings greater consequences since you're doing something illegal on a "national park." If they pull you over, they will fuck you. Google earth the parkway and see what you think. No one lives along the stretch going south away from Boone. No one!

    Stick with the indoor grows if that's what you really want, but why not find a place outdoors where you could never be charged even if the plants are found. So much more risk with growing indoors. Good luck man, and stay safe!

    Kaya08 Well-Known Member

    dude there is so much ganj around asheville and boone... look harder
    Strolling Stoned

    Strolling Stoned Active Member

    Sorry about the slow response. Thanks everyone for the support and information.

    I finally scored enough smoke for two bones -- ten bucks -- but not before losing fifty bucks to someone who walked off with my money. I know better than to let some one take my cash before I have the bag in my hand, but this guy seemed very sincere. He even gave me his wallet, complete with his license, social security card and other personal items to assure me that he would return. I waited several hours but he never came back with the goods. I'm now the proud owner of his tattered and torn wallet...

    I feel like such an idiot... :roll:

    I think I'm going to move to California and get a prescription for it. I don't dare grow it here as I FOOLISHLY posted my state and city on this public site. I don't know what I was thinking... Actually that's the problem; I wasn't thinking!

    Anyway, that's why I'm posting in the newbie section.


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