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how to grow BIG HUGE GIANT trees with MONSTER YIELD

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by lkjhgfdsa, Jul 4, 2009.


    lkjhgfdsa Active Member

    Basic question:

    what method will grow the BIGGEST monsters?

    Sunlight is a given over ANY light source as we all know...
    ...now what about the rest?-given the plant was put in a perfect environment with hydro/aero in nice sun/weather...what soil/growing medium would yield the biggest? what a bout quality wise?-organic soil i'd say.?

    Now, which would out weigh the time/effort in returns?

    ...i'd presumably use a SOG method of growth(for indica dominant), w/possible LST ,and multiple toppings (of only branchy strains, Sativa/hybrids),
    ..what are the advatages of a greenhouse?
    ...any thing else to contribute for primo monsters?

    (oh, and if you'd like, throw in some GIANT strains, with min. yeilds of 1P+ for average outdoor season.(heat tolerance and length from start to finish are appreciated)

    STRAIN is VERY important.

    ...the goal is to grow atleast 2+P per plant (tho, 10p+is obtainable,...i just dont know how...), of the highest quality possible, and it'd def have to be outdoors with ample space/ advanced techniques/mediums and TLC.

    -The one (or cumulative contribution of replies) to come up with the BEST technique/method to grow 1 of 2 outcomes (or figure out both :) ) shall be known as the wisest of the ancient herbal masters, and let the knowledge made from this thread be passed on to further our community of :weed:

    1. BIGGEST yeild per plant (we're talking about 1 year max season(hopefully less to make it a bit easier/more obtainable) [assuming you can grow outdoor below freeze line, or indoor for winter outdoor for seson])-tho multiple year for max yeild is considerable)

    2. MOST efficient means of growth. -This is equated by, yield of plant divided by length of time taken to grow it. Ex: a Sativa takes 10months to finish, yeilds 4 pounds=.4lb per month.
    Now an Indica strain takes 6 months to finish and it yeilds 3 pounds=.5lb per month

    ...Indica is the winner in this situation.

    IDEAS??? (and hey, if you can come up with a way to grow bigger indoors than out(or combining the 2)....lets hear it.)I'm sure there 're more Q's to be asked/answered, so we'll see how it evolves.

    and of course, every method mentioned will be hypothetical, and basically, a theory in which to base growing GIANT TREES, by all means, everyone's situation is unique, but here we try to find what is IDEAL and then know what it is we must all strive to work for, IF growing monsters is your goal.

    with that being said....

    If you'd all be so kind as to take your seat in the circle and have a :joint: *puff puff pass*.:peace:

    bigbudeddie Well-Known Member

    man speak to ffd2blk. He grows some monsters as do a few other guys on here. Iv never got anything near as big as them.

    One technique i do know of. Is to veg them inside for a while (normally until your out of space) at around 15 hours a day (or whatever your day is like outside) and then move them outside to continue growing bigger and later on to flowering.
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    jgrows4u Well-Known Member

    my "theory" is just to keep in veg stage longer keep the nutes and everything the same just grow bigger and better before you put in 12/12 cycle like grow it 6-8 feet before you put in 12/12 cycle and topping would prob be a good idea also like maybe 4 or 5 times so then you would have a monster 8 foot plant with 10 main stems with huge buds on them sounds pretty monster to me or you could grow it 10-20 feet b 4 you put on 12/12 then you would have a monsters monster lol when you grow plants 2 feet b 4 12/12 depending on what strian you get about 1/4 of a pound so 6-20 feet b 4 12/12 wow that would b an impressive yeild but thats just my theory not fact

    lkjhgfdsa Active Member

    how would you keep a plant in veg to get it say....10ft, and how long would that take?(some plants will just auto flower -usually indicas-]...then, how long for flower?...adding prob. 6ft, in height.

    i had a thought of, (N.lattitude) growing from New Years indoors (or out if u can) till the day hours hit the summer solstice, then, put back inside an d keep hours the same for ~6mon,/till spring ...(that, may , induce flowering since the days are shorter hmmmm) or till early summer or mid solstice,(next year)..put outside, and let the flowering commence=1-1.5year veg + 4-6mon flower.....hmmmmm

    you'd have to afind a strain that was "the ONE" to put that kinda time into it.

    weed78138 Active Member

    for outdoor you would start in march/april to maximize the "veg cycle"

    lkjhgfdsa Active Member


    and how would you gow about building such a contraption to house you plant..since moving in/out is NOT an option with its size...say an out door greenhouse fitted w/ lights an d covered so as not to draw atttention at night while lights are used?

    lkjhgfdsa Active Member

    how do i speak to ffd2blk? idk how to find ppl lol.

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    The trick is veg veg veg as long as you can. I would veg indoor plants as big as you can all winter like mine in the attachment and plant them outdoors as soon as weather permits. They would go from 7' to massive given proper care all summer and crop out 10lbs in the right climate...

    Coco or DWC or something like that might be a good way to get even more than soil if you can manage it indoors and then outdoors as well but you would need massive resevoirs and containers and imagine all the expense in nutes etc.

    I guess if the idea is to get into the guiness book of pot plant records you'd veg to 15' indoors in a vaulted ceiling or tall garage and then put them outside first chance. And you might spend a few thousand on nutes and media alone.

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    Dr. Greenhorn

    Dr. Greenhorn Well-Known Member

    damn... kinda hard transplanting a 15' plant...
    Dr. Greenhorn

    Dr. Greenhorn Well-Known Member

    how you get it out the door??

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    bundle it up like a xmas tree and drag it out with the help of a few friends or a good hand truck or something with the plant laying down. :)

    jgrows4u Well-Known Member

    yeah idk how to really do it just throwing ideas out there but maybe grow inside all winter long till say summer and then put out doors where they can grow all summer long then harvest in the fall.

    lkjhgfdsa Active Member

    what light sched. for best veg? 14hr, 16hr, 18hr? maybe increase gradually from 14/10 to 20/4 over idk, 6mont?......yeaa, a 10ft veged plant would have prob. 50-75gallon roots....that'd be, idk hundreds and hundreds of pounds to carry...

    ...so if you continuasly veg...you can do it to ANY strain? (beside autoflower)...if so, then its just a matter of Dankest strain, and extended growth...or do you think some strain will have a 'ceiling' in their genetics?

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    You can veg a 15' plant in a 6 gallon container. You couldn't flower well in that size but veg is fine.

    As to light schedule different strains like different schedules but I just do 24/0 for veg. I guess I should cut that back but oh well lots of people just leave their lights on constantly for veg but 20/4 or 18/6 is probably almost universally better so the plants do get some rest every day. Some plants don't care either way and others grow better with some sleep.

    lkjhgfdsa Active Member

    I want to grow a 10pound plant, as dank as haze/white widow (or w/e 10outta 10 dankness) w/ purple (or blue!) buds....MMmmmmMmmm....taste, strength, color, and size=almost perfect. just 1 plant, to last me a year or 2....but if i could get 20lbs :) then, i got 5 years of tokin to do, and plenty to donatae to charity.
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    lkjhgfdsa Active Member

    no way.....are ;you absolutely sure? maybe 10 gallon, idk. thatd be awwfuly root bound or maybe even stunted?

    ..so how long for a 15' veg? 10months lol?

    ..then how big would it get in lfower? 20ft?30ft?

    Mysticlown150 Well-Known Member

    I'd say 25' is more realistic.

    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    ok if your gonna grow a 20 foot plant you better be where that shit is legal as a beagal cause if the heli's cant get that theyr jackass's. My method to get good harvests is too veg in like january or febuary put them out early as possible let them continue vegging all summer and flowering in the fall. I just dont think 20 foot plants are a great idea. at least not where im located.

    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    also i never store herbs for 5 yrs but i dont know if they keep that long without freezing it and making it sushi bud

    lkjhgfdsa Active Member

    i think heli's are the worst thing to happen to growers......

    -worst case scenario, i make a tent and start a fire with 2lbs if i got too much ahhaha, thatd be a nice week.

    ....well the point of a 20ft plant is, smaller sentence b/c its under 25 plants.

    what do you get yeild wise, and what strain do you use w/ ur method.

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