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How to get rid of Spidermites!?!?!?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by tnmotown, Feb 26, 2009.


    tnmotown Active Member

    Im pissed off....came back today from seeing my grandma in the hospital only to find tiny ass spidermites crawling around the edges of my soil pots. Then i look on the bottom of the plants and there are tiny webs around some of the smaller leaves!!!!!
    How do i get rid of these shits? I heard its not good to have because they can tear your crop up, and that i dont want. I dont think they've been there long as i usually check them when i water.

    Also would cause them to appear? I started using molasses a few weeks ago, would that cause it? Anyways any help on what to use and how to use it would really help out guys.

    P.S. I've tried searching and found NOTHING

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    Mites can spell certain disaster for your plants if they are not brought under control ASAP. You don't necessarily have to kill every single one, but that would be an excellent start. Use a bug bomb to start with and see if they survive. Next you can try upping the CO2 levels with a bottle of the stuff. you want extreme 6000-10,000 PPM of CO2 in there for 24 hours to kill off them buggers. Neem oil and tobacco juice extract can also help, they aren't as effective and you must make sure to do repeated treatments to keep things under control. Good Luck..Mites suck!!

    biz Well-Known Member

    your humidity levels must be over 50%

    tnmotown Active Member

    i bought a tiny ass bottle from a hydro plant store which they said to use when im flowering. I've tried spraying it on the plant and around the area where they are crawling. I not using any CO2 so i wont be able to up it there.

    im not sure but usually it doesnt get humid in my closet. It did get up to 85*F the other day but only for a few hours, i was away seeing my grandma in the hospital and door was closed when outside temps were rising. Im on second floor in house and my bedroom faces DIRECTLY into the sun. It sucks
    Sensi Super Star

    Sensi Super Star New Member

    swipe the bottom and top of the leaves with soapy water. Make sure u swipe the whole leaf, there could be eggs.

    torontoone Well-Known Member

    You misunderstood...

    You NEED humidity OVER 50% to help control them. They only
    appear in low humidity situations. Use the above mentioned
    treatments AND keep the humidity up. Misting frequently helps
    as well.

    tnmotown Active Member

    ok i'll try that, i assume just use a clean soapy rag right?
    yeah i misunderstood, i thought he said to keep humidity under 50%. I have been spraying them frequently now with that insect killer i was given at the hydro store. Its working some, but still are a few there. Im just keeping my eye on it and make sure they disappear

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