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How to get rid of pipe smell

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Kered, May 1, 2009.


    Kered Active Member

    i dont wanna clean it because i heard its better to keep the resin because it gets u higher and using alcohol takes away the color so any other ways to keep it less smelly
    Boogaloo Bud

    Boogaloo Bud Well-Known Member

    Well I'm not sure how a pipe is made but if the color is in the glass then how will alcohol take that away? And the only way it gets you higher (if it does) is because you smoking resin. It also could make your tokes taste like shit. Clean it out.....way better smoking.
    Sgt. Floyd

    Sgt. Floyd Well-Known Member

    The color comes from the resin building up and changing the way the light passes through the glass. Clean it with alcohol. The resin isn't worth the way it makes good bud taste. There's nothing like a hit off of some good clean glass.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Clean your pipe while it is still hot after smokeing... the shit just comes loose so much easier, but for the smell, acetone or alcohol...

    BongJuice Well-Known Member

    There's nothing worse than a dirty water bong or pipe.
    All that built up resin and ash takes taste away from the fresh bud that's being put in there.
    For me, A dirty bong tastes like a dirty ashtray.
    I clean my bong's and pipe's all the time.
    I use the highest alcohol content of rubbing alcohol I can find.
    The pharmacy I go to sells 91% for $1.59.
    Throw about a 1/4 cup in there, squish it around for a few minutes
    and voila my bong looks brand new.

    tnrtinr Well-Known Member

    uggggggh dirty glass.

    I hate when people smoke out of dirty glass - It defeats the whole purpose. If you use alcohol before or after every smoke it takes 5 seconds to clean your pipe and if you are really into resin you can pour the dirty alcohol in a cereal bowl let it evaporate and smoke the nasty residue later.

    If you want to see the colors change, clean your pipe, and smoke out of it. One sesh and you will see the colors change as the residue builds up. I have mostly clear pieces, but I still clean my color changing glass after every sesh.

    There is nothing worse than having some nice green and pulling it through a nasty pipe with old water. I am shuddering now.

    If you like the taste and smell of a dirty pipe, by all means continue. But once you smoke out of clean glass I can almost promise you that you will not go back to dirty glass.

    tom__420 Well-Known Member

    I fill my bowl up or whatever I'm cleaning with kosher salt. After filling with kosher salt put it in a ziploc bag with 91% iso alcohol and swish around. The rez will come off and make your piece nice and clean. Kosher salt and 91% iso alcohol is key to keeping a clean piece. The price for the two is so cheap you would be crazy not to buy some and clean all your stuff out

    ANC Well-Known Member

    wtf is kosher salt? is it for jewish bongs?

    Tryingtomastrkush Well-Known Member

    clean your fuckin pipe.....

    dew-b Well-Known Member

    use pipe cleaners.
    Sgt. Floyd

    Sgt. Floyd Well-Known Member

    kosher salt has bigger crystals

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