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How to get rid of mold??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Tidalwavedave, Apr 11, 2009.


    Tidalwavedave Active Member

    So came home and found out my parent put a tarp over my 2 plants and mold has taken over one of them. The mold is a light-dark brown color that cannot be wiped off with the hand. The plants where just watered and where under the tarp for about 1 hour outside. Is there anyway I can get rid of this mold and still keep the plant. Also the plants are 4 weeks into flower and one of the buds looks like its dead from the mold. Ill try and post some pics when I find a camera.

    Tidalwavedave Active Member

    Here are the pics of some of the mold as you can see the browning of the leaves PLS help

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    ogisback Member

    clip the moldy parts off imo

    Tidalwavedave Active Member

    So decided its not mold......but a nutrient burn cause the plant was just watered then the tarp went over. So it evaporated the water with the nuts but the tarp trapped it so it stuck to the higher parts of the plant. Pretty crappy day yesterday but time will fix it.

    CRYSTAL ICEMAN Well-Known Member

    Always try to spay clean water on your girls to wash the leaves and open the stomatas after you feed them.

    TeaTreeOil Well-Known Member

    Yea... I was looking for mold but didn't see it.

    Seems like a very localized problem, remove the affected areas if it starts to spread, otherwise just remove the leaf when it seems unhelpful(limp, brown/yellow, saggy, eventually dried out).

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