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How to Flush in Soil?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Upinsmoke, Nov 2, 2006.


    Upinsmoke Active Member

    Hey guys, im about a week away from harvesting my litle babies and im not 100% sure on how to flush them, i know i have to give them three times the volume of water as they have soil, but how many times per day?? can someone please clear this up for me........ :mrgreen:
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    I would not water it more than once every 3-7 days. A final watering with NO nutrients is fine... Maybe with 1.5 Xs the normal amount of water... This is strictly preference of course.


    Wavels Well-Known Member

    A week to 10 days before anticipated harvest, I only water with pure water; (I stop all nutrients)
    as GK says above I use about 1 1/2 times the regular amount of water each time I water. I make sure lots of water runs out of the bottom of container. I do not change my watering cycle just to flush; I simply use pure water only!
    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    I flush about 5 gallons per one gallon of soil. I have done this after fertilizer burn and it was almost an instant improvement. Just take the plant to the bath tub and have at it. I dont really flush at the end of the cycle I just lower or cut out nutes all together.

    Upinsmoke Active Member

    thanks guysfor the advice, its just my last grow didnt taste to good when it was harvested and i was told it was because i didnt flush, which i dont want to happen again so im going to give it 1 1/2 times of water every other day and see what happens, fingers crossed it will be ok :neutral:, also i have a few growing with NFT which will be ready in about 14-16 days, any advise on doing those aswell??:blsmoke: do i just run plan water throught them too??
    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    Yes. Or you could add an extract with the pure water.

    Upinsmoke Active Member

    wm an extract?? please can you explain im not to sure what you mean? will this help to make it taste better??

    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    If plants are in the ground, then I don't give anything but water for the last month.
    If plants are in pots, then I don't give anything but water for the last 3 weeks.
    For NFT, where there is no medium, I run plain water the last 3 days.

    HTH :mrgreen:
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    smppro Well-Known Member

    Thats good stuff some rep+1:joint:

    HAHA this is OLD! Stupid google, im an idiot:oops:
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    TheKramer Well-Known Member

    LOL. that is hilarious, smpro rep+1
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    MaDz Well-Known Member

    I add 1 too :D
    dan catalyst

    dan catalyst Member

    this is a good one, and it is up on the top with google search for soil flush,so i will add that for soil i do one good flush when switching to bloom nutes,but not for hydro.i would prob do it with hydro organic if i grew that,because that coir stuff holds nutes like soil or worse.2 weeks prior to finishing i flush,and 3 weeks prior i switch to a zero p guano and earth juice bloom(also has zero p).the residual nitrogen is what realy makes the buds shitty tasting/smelling and not burn.the soil will have enough in it from the veg stage.and also use a 100% soluable nitrogen sorce like tea,or strain off your solids because they get stuck in the medium and time relese when you are trying to flush out all the n.
    i will also add that this one time,a ex girlfriend poured windex into every plant in my grow room,like a gallon worth into a 10x20 room full,lol.i had to do an emergancy flush in the bathtubs but it all worked out and i didnt even kill her.i did shake her realy hard by the sholders and gave her a stern talking to.
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    spiked1 Well-Known Member

    No your'e not an idiot,
    It's still relevant information and you have bumped it, so that's cool.:leaf:

    spiked1 Well-Known Member

    Haha, I love that, grab her by the shoulders and give a stern talking to.
    You just made my day.:bigjoint:
    Green Cross

    Green Cross Well-Known Member

    This is worth a bump

    I believe what this poster ment to say was that he switched to zero N guano and earth juice bloom, not "zero P"

    Anyhow it's time for me to flush one of my unknown indica (bag seed), and then give only plain water. I'm already seeing some amber trichs @ 37 days

    Discgolferman Active Member

    This was a good bump Im heading this way in a month..ish. First time grower so im going to ask a few Q,s. I have a mango in a 5 gallon bucket in foxfarms, outside. It just started to flower 2 weeks ago. I give it 1 gallon of water a day, every 3rd day molasses in it. am I watering it to much? Its 85-100 here dry heat. It just seem like everyone talks about watering 3x a week or so ...so kinda got me thinking. Thanks

    DarkGhost Member

    There is no set limit on how much to water your plants, you have to do what you feel is right. One of the more common methods to telling if a plant needs water, is to feel the weight of the bucket dry, give it a watering and feel the bucket heavy with water. Next time the pots feel light you know to water. Sticking your finger in a few inches into the soil cant be a gauge as well. Best of Luck

    Jack*Madison Member

    Yeah feeling the weight of the pot is actually a good idea because the top of the soil may look very dry but water is pooling at the bottom of the pot

    kindkush89 Well-Known Member

    Buuuumpity bump

    Civil.Dis0bedience Active Member

    how the hell do you guys flush with 5 times the amount of soil using? you must have drains in the floor huh? my first grow i didnt flush, my second grow i did. i honestly didnt notice a difference. but i also use organic nutes

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