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How to find Reputable companies That deliver what you ordered!

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by smartguy345, Aug 15, 2008.


    smartguy345 New Member

    So it comes to

    Dr Chronic



    And the list goes on?

    So how do you find out what company delivers what advertised. Well alot of factors come in mind to determine what is available.

    One is location. I can not stress this enough, Location, location, location. Even in the USA certain regions are recieving more heat then other regions. I noticed a pattern after rigoursly reading thru several threads, that alot of custom seized products are from Chicago area and Cali as well. As well as a few scattered from all parts of the states.

    I myself used marijuanaseeds.com ( 420seeds.nl) and purchased big bud seeds. I was suppose to get 5 free seeds but never did get em with my stealth shipment. I was somewhat disappointed but when I ordered I was hoping for the least.

    Anyways i am located in texas and had no problems. I used a credit card, my name and address. So no problems getting it. Nothing looked tampered with and came with my regular mail.

    another factor involved is payment method. I prefer a credit card or a visa gift card. Money orders and cash is something I feel that potentially enters into other peoples hands more then a credit card would. Example. You have to send out the money order or cash thru mail. It goes through a couple more hands before it gets to the sender. Then more time is involved. Then it goes through the us mail system when sent out. I dont even want to know if the govt tracks what goes where(wheres the trust?) After the time it took to finally arrive to your seedbank that you selected if it arrives, what are the chances a employee or someone who comes across and sees the cash and decide to keep for himself and considered it lost and never going through? for that reason if any make sure you can get confirmation if possible it was delivered. Other methods such as bank transfer, storm pay, e gold these however vary depending on what seed bank you go thru if available as a option.


    Marijuana Seeds and Marijuana Seed Banks Review

    Marijuana Seed Bank Ratings and Reviews

    Cannabis Seed Banks cannabis seeds reviewe

    These websites should give you a better judgement on your decision. Keep in mind even if located in US the possiblity of getting your seeds seized are always there, but the govt is not worried about silly seeds. They take it and move on. As well provide you with a notice wasting precisous tree paper in the process.
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    Brazko Well-Known Member


    kidsingle Well-Known Member

    Excellent post!

    smartguy345 New Member

    thank you, it seems like there are so many choices but the factors involved to determing the right one matter.

    If I had the option I prefer myself a clone perhaps.

    Although clones can take up to 6 weeks to root, and may not be successful, thats way seeds can be effective to get the process started.

    All in all, take the time to learn how to effectivly pollinate your female of selection with a good male selection and keep some seeds for yourself. You never know when a disaster can happen and wipe out part of your crop or the whole thing! Having seeds from good genetics can help tremendously. Then with those seeds you may want to experiment and find out which is the best and then take a clone from the best yeildin/potency plant and keep it as a mother.

    kidsingle Well-Known Member

    How do you take pollen from the male, just cut open one of the balls?

    smartguy345 New Member

    Kinda wrong spot to post that question. I hope you dont make kids that way. cause you be in serious pain cutting your balls. lol...

    I private message you the way to do so.

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