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How to find a connection out of state

Discussion in 'The Black Briefcase' started by Calismoker24, Mar 5, 2013.


    Calismoker24 Active Member

    The title says it all. How do most people find people to deal with?

    theQuetzalcoatl Active Member

    By putting in a little effort and searching? Ye gods man there's a long ass thread specifically about this on the main page of this section.

    2cimdma Well-Known Member

    for me, sad to say....I found most connections in prison
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    Hugo Phurst

    Hugo Phurst Well-Known Member

    Cops and bikers have the best drugs. Just walk right up to one and ask.
  5. i put out a feeler on the internet and hoped a cop didnt see it and think, "Man, what a fucktard to be asking for a charge of interstate trafficking of a federal illegal substance."

    Thundercat Well-Known Member

    I would argue in alot of places college kids get some of the best drugs. When I'm out of state or out of the country and trying to score I usually find a reasonably busy bar, and talk to the bar tender. I've been able to score this way a couple times. I just tell them what the deal is,"hey I'm in from out of town, you seem like the kinda guy that knows everyone in the bar, you think any of these guys might have some bud I could buy." Once the bartender just introduced me to the guy, the other time he served me the buds at the bar. I've also been served buds in a resturant after talking to the waiter and him getting it delivered to him while I ate dinner. He then served it to me in a dessert to go box and I gave him a $50 "tip". Another one I've used up in canada was to talk to a respectable looking dude walking out of the liquer store, just explain the situation and an hour later or so it was getting delivered to me just down the street. I've also scored driving down the street, I was out driving around trying to figure something out one night and had a blunt on me. I rolled up next to this young black guy with his window down and just asked if he had any idea where I could get something to fill my blunt. We pulled into a shopping center up the road and he had an 8th for me. Its all about karma good karma makes it easy to score. I'm hoping this proves true when I go to the cup in denver next month.
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    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    And if you want the best of the best ... cn


    chewberto Well-Known Member

    Erik Estrada? I'm thinking Gilligan has the best, just ask Mary-ann!
    3 Pounds of Weeden

    3 Pounds of Weeden Active Member

    Great experiences. So, just be cool to people and they should help you out lol

    d3dm4n Member

    depends on where you are i moved to North Dakota... good fucking luck finding buds there... took me pry 3 weeks of asking everyone i thought might have a tiny chance of having buds... but i ended up finding a real good connect that rivaled the quality that i am used to ... just way more expensive ;)

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