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How to clean up Pollen from Hermie..pyrethrum fogger??

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Trulife69, Jul 23, 2012.


    Trulife69 Active Member

    I know I can wipe the room down with bleach water and scrub all my fans,ducts,lights,wall,EVERYTHING! But I was thinking what about in the other rooms or the hallways... Sure I could wipe all that stuff down 1 by 1 all day and nite like a tweaker but what I was thinking...Would a pyrethrum fogger or bug bomb kill all the pollen in a room??
    Let me know what you guys think,maybe it works or maybe I need to get to cleaning haha

    FresnoFarmer Well-Known Member

    Cold Water+pollen+contact=dead pollen or so I have heard.

    ML75 Active Member

    how many damn hermies did you have???

    Whybotherwithyou2 Active Member

    If you bug bomb, your supposed to wipe down all surfaces you, your children, or pets come in contact with also. Not to mention all edible products in the home that aren't in sealed bag (like rices, pastas, etc) need to be tossed, and sealed products wiped. So which is the better option?

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    Plain old water will kill pollen. Just mist everything down .... Done.


    FresnoFarmer Well-Known Member

    seriously.....you are over complicating things.fill the sink soak a towel and get the fuck to work!!

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    water doesn't kill pollen , if that was fact then all outside plants that get rained on would have no pollen. water does isolate it though. makes it so it doesn't blow around as easy.

    Trulife69 Active Member

    haha bug bombs in houses have been used for years..I doubt anyone who uses them turns around and wipes everything in the house down ha. Now for dishes and open food i would agree. I just had my last 4 girls throw a few bananas and had a cpl seeds. I am going to clean the room with water and bleach like I stated before..not over complicating anything. I was just talking about outside the flower room,like the rest of the basement. I was curious if throwing off foggers would kill pollen,no more no less..either way the flower room is getting wiped down,no foggers in there.

    Puppet14 Well-Known Member

    I spray with a mixture of bleach and water and wipe down everything in the cabinet. Seems to work...

    chrishydro Well-Known Member

    You have to add bleach, this person is correct.

    Killercross420 Member

    Best thing I have heard of and I personally have tried is 91 iso in spray bottle bout half and half with water works like a charm!!!!!

    Scroga Well-Known Member

    Had same problem...did research, water can ruin the integrity of the pollen also high heat and from what I hear the pollen only remains active for about a week or 2..... So, try a mister, try a hair dryer, personally I just took the tent outside and hosed it right out , washed all gear with mould off, hydrogen peroxide and water...not all mixed together, but applied where I saw fit..oh and don't forget lots of rags/cloths!

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