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How to Clean Carbon Filters for Extended use

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by penguinking, Jul 15, 2011.


    penguinking Well-Known Member

    So, I bought a 8"x30" (i think its 30" either way) Phresh filter in december of 2010. Today upon walking downstairs I got a whiff of the funk. I think my filter is about to take a big ol' shit on me. My friend in town told me that you can wash them off with soapy water and then rinse really well, to extend the life of the filter about 2 or 3 weeks. I also heard of people simply dumping the old carbon out, and replacing it with new activated carbon. I don't know if this is an option with the Phresh filters, as they come pre assembled with flange already on it. If anyone has any experience with either washing the filter or adding new carbon, i would love to her your experiences. Thanks- Penguin

    motoxmom Active Member

    So idk about washing the pellets but i just bought new carbon :)

    penguinking Well-Known Member

    for a Phresh filter? how did you pack it? Phresh machine packs their carbon... How did you get the filter open to switch the carbon? C'mon folks any input here would be great!

    phear Active Member

    dunno about that brand but alot of then u have to cut the welds usually small spot welds on the flange then take it off tip the old carbon out then put in the new carbon but try and get it in as tight as possible!

    kanx Active Member

    Personally I would replace the filter , I couldn't live with being caught because of something silly like that.

    I try to replace my filter every year.

    penguinking Well-Known Member

    well said. im on my way to buy a new one now...
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Well-Known Member

    I *hear* you should replace them every year, or every few grows. And the prefilter should be replaced like once

    Presh uses different carbon than normal pellets, you can't repack them too effectively and have then work as they did..

    Every once in a while... replace your hid bulbs, and your carbon filters... this is pretty much what I understand as necessary

    hoagtech Well-Known Member

    It's easy with the preinstalled. You drill through the rivets buy some carbon, dump it in there, replace the rivet holes with bolts. And I like wrapping reflective ducting tape around the bolt heads to really seal it.
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    penguinking Well-Known Member

    nice! thanks hoag!

    yesum Well-Known Member

    I tried with the Phresh but the rivets were placed to counter this. I bought a new filter that has easy to access rivets. When it fails, I will fill it. You have to have a vibrator to fill the filter right. A washing machine will kinda work, putting it on top of washer while running.
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    hoagtech Well-Known Member

    No you do not. You just need to loosely pour that black rat turd carbon in the sides and cap it. they all have rivets man and phresh makes the carbon refill. The rivets are there to discourage you from drilling it and replacing them with machine screws so you can buy another filter instead. You should read other comments before you put your 2 cents in. I just explained that man. you can refill your filter much longer than stated if you keep humidity out of your intake. all a cf filter is a two metal spoke walls, a flange, and a cotton prefilter. you keep moisture out of the metal, your good until it corrodes

    donutpunched Active Member

    I looked into the process of refreshing carbon, to clean carbon you have to bring it up to very high temps... It is not really doable... And washing the carbon would fuck it up quick since moisture is bad for the carbon.... I like the idea of being able to recharge but like others said it is a small investment to make to keep yourself out of the graybar hotel.....
    LT1RX7 Drifter

    LT1RX7 Drifter Active Member

    if rivets on filters can not be reached for removale drill a hole a large as possible next to the duct flange ie 1.25" hole in to the carbon chamber, you will have to guess what size will work for your situation, buy a rubber grommet from lowes ($0.79), fill through hole while someone holding on to the filter while setting on your lawn mower running, wear a mask the shit is dusty, i was actually able to put 5lb more in to my refill then when the filter can new from Phresh

    hoagtech Well-Known Member

    I was referring to replacing your carbon, not refreshing. You can buy or request pelletised carbon refill from any hydro store. Since your not trying to reuse it you just dump out the old carbon and refill with the new. It might be hard if you have some really bad arthritis and your too fat to fit through your door way and go to a hardware store and buy 65 cents worth of screws.

    Also something you might pick up if you read the comments before you.
    this is what you need, one bag lasts a smaller 6 or 4" carbon filter 6 years.

    Off the subject, you can reuse your carbon once by putting it on a cookie sheet in the oven.

    to the guy above me ^^ that might work but now you have a 1-1/2" hole in your filter. They either have rivets or screws, if their rivets, drill em. I havent ran into a filter I couldnt uncap. nobody welds the cap on.

    BeaverHuntr Well-Known Member

    How long do carbon filters last I been using mine about 3 grows and towards the end of this last one I felt it wasnt working as good as it usually does.

    hoagtech Well-Known Member

    Well the filter body itself is two slabs of sheet metal or metal grate. those last however long the metal last before it corroded. If its gets corroded the holes or grate become too big and disconnected and it wont be able to hold the carbon in place. If you keep humidity out of it, you can reuse it until it gets a hole in it. I dont know what size your filter is and what fan you rconnecting to it, but they are made to last a year, but just like light bulbs, they become less effective as time goes by. If you can get your flange off your filter you can always top it off or replace the carbon. As long as your inner or outer sidewalls on your filter are not corroded, you can refill till it falls apart. Also if you dont wanna spend money you can drain it on a cookie sheet adn throw it the oven to "re-energise your carbon" once. I have also seen people refill with other substances like hygromite and even stuffed full of fabric softener sheets
    LT1RX7 Drifter

    LT1RX7 Drifter Active Member

    yah thats capped with a airtight rubber grommet, and the next time a refill is needed it a no-tool affair, and your statment about putting carbon in the oven lol yah it works if your oven reaches 1800*

    hoagtech Well-Known Member

    Try 450 for 30 minutes. You dont need to send this carbon to space just make it more effective. Itg works great, you should try it next time your lawn mower breaks down
    LT1RX7 Drifter

    LT1RX7 Drifter Active Member

    lol my lawn mower works fine and has for years asshole, i only posted it as a way for unexperienced to refill there scrubbers not for you to dog me because i instructed them to put a service port to facilitate refilling, as for your theory about using the oven i retract my stament as far as temp goes but you do need temps higher then 500* and fresh clean air must be pumped through the carbon to carry the comtaninents away, but you dont have to take my word for it lol but what ever you have a good day buddy

    Buck123 Well-Known Member

    BUMFIGHTS 11 to be screening shortly! hahahahaha my 2 cents just buy the fucking shit its super CHEAP... mad props to who put two and two together!!

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