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How to change light cycles while growing marijuana

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by rollitup, May 21, 2006.


    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    When indoor weed plants are in the long dark cycles for flowering, a little extra dark does not affect the plants as much. So if for some reason you have to re-arrange the light timing schedule, just leave it DARK until the next new light cycle.

    During the flowering stage, indoor plants can easily handle no light for 48 hours and even longer. They do not grow as much and get pale or wimpy, but they will survive. Of it is possible, try to give them a few hours of any light during the cycle just to keep their internal rhythms in sync.

    If the marijuana plants are not in flowering but are in the vegetative cycle, you do not want the PFR dissipating in the longer dark cycle. To re-adjust during the vegetative cycle, leave the LIGHTS ON until the new dark time arrives.

    With marijuana plants in the vegetative stage, missing one cycle will not change their hormones much because it takes a week or so to change over completely. However if it looks like the neglect went on for a long time, get some light on them – even a small gas lamp will do.

    If you have a crisis such as a power failure or light failure, remember the plants are are so sensitive that their leaves can sense light as well as the human eye. This means that in an emergency, any small amount of light, even a flashlight can give the plants the long day signal they need.

    However if you have lost your power I am guessing you are not reading this article. :p
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    Rogue Active Member

    Just curious, how do you know what stage and cycle the plant is in? Also, how much light is enough light? Does it just need to shine on the plant itself? I'm just worried if I lose power for a couple days, what should I do?

    Norton28 Active Member

    Do I need two seperate grow rooms. One for the Vegetative cycle and one for the flowering? From start to finish I need help. I plan on using bubbleponics!

    KushCanuck Well-Known Member

    I would recommend both of you do some reading in the FAQ section, you'll answer your own questions within minutes. As fa as needing two rooms, it depends if you have more than one cycle going. For example, if you start a bunch of plants and start some more 3 weeks later and you flower after 4 weeks of vegetative growth, you'll need 2 spaces unless you want to flower the other sets early. Good luck, enjoy the forum

    KC :leaf:

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