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How To Become A Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Vendor?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by barrywhite, Apr 25, 2009.


    barrywhite Member

    I live in California and have a medical card. I'm getting into growing and I was wondering if someone with some knowledge could give me some basic info. Could you just go into a club with a sample and ask them if they want to buy from you? How much are clubs looking for, for example are they looking for just a few pounds every crop or much more than that, like in the 20-30 range? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Don't post if you don't know what your talking about please. And be honest, if it's a shady, cutthroat business like I think it might be, than tell me. Thanks.

    bossman88188 Well-Known Member

    It is fairly easy to sell at the clubs. Most of them are pretty picky and dont want to pay much.

    If you have a lot to get rid of then it might be worth it. And it also depends what are you are in.

    DubRules Well-Known Member

    clubs are going to pay minimum dollar for your medicine. the dispensary here will buy a pound for a max of 3k. my knowledge of dispensaries is limited to the one i go to weekly, but all i did was get to know the owners well and then ask. typically they will only buy "medical" strains. so even if your grapefruit skunk is way stronger than their misty, they wont buy your gfs because it hasnt been proven to treat ailments.

    Greyskull Well-Known Member

    If you want to supply medicinal cannabis buds to a club, its pretty straight forward.

    1. grow the plants the clubs want
    all you have to do is ask them "what do your patient's like," or "what do you like to have in stock?". understand most clubs expect a minimum 1/4qp (113.5 grams kids, NOT 112... there are 28.4 gs in an OZ) available.

    2. grow your plants better than everybody else is growing theirs. THIS IS THE HARD PART.. "growing your plants" means not only growing, but also flushing, manicuring, & drying them properly. good luck

    3. pound the pavement and start working. discreetly bring your product, properly packaged (turkey bags are nice), to the shops and ask to speak with the buyer. if your kung fu is true all you need to do is open the bag/s and the buds will do the rest.

    I get $300 per ounce (yep, $4800 per LB) of for my Bubba Kush & Sour Dubble cuts... IN ADVANCE in few times due to demand from LA clubs. My phone rings off the hook when the buyers know I am clipping the buds off of the branches (I call them when i first hang the buds to let them know "5-7 days" and get their mouths salivating for my product... and get their money right, too).

    i don't know where you are going or what you are growing, but either your buds suck, or you are selling yourself very short dude. you gotta fix that.

    Vicious420 Member

    I'm looking into this extensively also. I had no idea it could go up to $4800 a pound. I was thinking $1800-$2500 because I figured it had to be whole sale. If its $4800 a pound I can't imagine what the retail price would be. Can probably get a good idea on the strains they look for by looking at the menu's that dispensaries post.

    Do they pay in cash on the spot?

    I wonder what the tax situation is with the whole thing.

    Greyskull Well-Known Member

    where I am guys come in all the time with really good OG asking for 5200... 325per oz...its usually retailed as the top shelf $75-85 an 1/8th stuff (don't forget the clubs are supposed to keep the pricing above street level/blackmarket to discourage resale...). 4800 for reimbursement is a great deal in comparison... especially when the product is superior. its my little way of helping out the shop and forcing the the others guys to come backdown to earth some.

    some clubs like to work on the "stretch program"ie "net terms" or consignment. some will pay in full at time of deleivery. some will pay a down payment and reimburse in x amount of time... each situation is different.

    you do not need to pay taxes on "reimbursement transactions" as far as I know. hope this helpsyou some.goodluck

    jamaica420 Active Member

    I'm planning on moving to Cali soon and trying the same thing and doing business with the dispensaries until i eventually open up my own and supply myself. just wanted to keep an eye on this thread

    Gonzo94612 Member

    This is all good information. I would suggest reading up on all the recent case law and guidelines (e.g. Jerry Browns 8/08 guidelines) to check out viability. My understanding is that collective groups operating under a non-for-profit basis are NOT tax exempt, so there must be some mechanism for taxation.

    poolside Member

    So if you have your medical card in CA and you approach the dispensaries like stated above there should be no legal trouble you can get into being that you are within the legal limits of personal grow amounts of cannabis???? I just want to fully understand the right way to do it.


    grow9000 Member

    If the Illinois “Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act” (Senate Bill 1381) passes, grow9000 will need vendors.

    stinkbudd1 Well-Known Member

    i know clubs in the bay area that charge upwards of 80 to 90 a 1/8 they charge more for bud in clubs than on the streets its a fact...i sent a friend of mine to get me an ounce of og kush with his card and they wanted 560.00 in s.f california i can get the same zip for 300 to 350 around the corner..peace pot prosperity:peace::joint::mrgreen:

    stinkbudd1 Well-Known Member

    say poole what is the legal grow limit for cali now my brother just got his card he has m.s. and hes not well versed on it yet.. thanx:peace::joint::mrgreen:

    mtassassin Member

    Does anyone have any info on if it works the same in montana

    pacman Well-Known Member

    u guys need to check out norml.com , but the ca limit is 6 flowering or 12 veg, unless ur in a county with a larger limit so its worth a check

    #1Raiderfan420 Well-Known Member

    Not totaly true..in my county it is 12 total with only 6 in flower at any time..1 pd in possesion..but every county has there own limits..

    Here is the way the state puts it;

    SB420 establishes a baseline statewide limit per patient of 6 mature or 12 immature plants, and 1/2 pound (8 oz.) processed cannabis. Patients can be exempted from these limits if their physician specifically states that they need more. In addition, individual cities and counties are allowed to enact higher, but not lower, limits than the state standard. Local limits are posted at: http://canorml.org/prop/local215policies.html.

    Here are the limits per county:


    City Council passed an ordinance 11/08 allowing no more than 50 square feet for cultivation. In addition, dispensaries will be prohibited from using more than 25% of their property for cultivation when the ordinance takes effect December 19. The council may revisit the issue during the land use code revision process in six months.Those with special needs may request more grow space. The new standards apply only to areas of Arcata outside the Coastal Zone, which rings Humboldt Bay. A separate but identical ordinance covers those areas, but will not go into effect until approved by the Coastal Commission, which will take at least a year and probably longer.

    • Ordinance allows 10 plants and 2.5 lbs per patient, or up to 50 plants, 12.5 lbs for collectives.
    Butte Co.

    • County guidelines : 6 mature or 12 immature plants, 1 pound processed material. Official Butte County policy regarding caregivers, collectives, and coops.
    Calaveras Co.

    Del Norte Co.

    • County adopted Sonoma cultivation guidelines with maximum 100 square feet cultivation area and 99 plants or fewer; one pound possession limit (approved by Board of Supervisors 4/22/02). However, as of August 8, 2008 those limits were thrown out, per People v. Kelly and a BOS action that began with the intent of reverting to state default guidelines.
    El Dorado Co.

    • Sheriff & DA policy: Indoors - 10 flowering plants + 10 vegging + 1 mother; Outdoors: 20 starters or 10 mature plants, 1 - 2 lb processed marijuana depending on season of year.
    Humboldt Co.

    • County guidelines allow patients 100 square feet and 3 lbs w/ no plant number limit. Cities of Eureka and Fortuna PDs and CHP enforce SB 420 limits (6 mature/12 immature plants, 1/2 lb).
    Mendocino Co.

    • On December 30, 2008, Mendocino County Superior Court Judge John Behnke ruled Measure B's limits of eight ounces of dried marijuana and six mature or 12 immature plants per qualified patient (unless a doctor allows more) were now the legal limits in Mendocino County, reversing his August ruling throwing out the limits. Section 9.31.050 of Mendocino County Code makes the cultivation of more than 25 plants per parcel a public nuisance, regardless of patient status. On April 20, 2009, the Mendo Board of Supervisors introduced an ordinance that would transfer the zip-tie program to the public health department, and institute a $100 per day fine for not having written permission from landowners, a six-foot fence with a locked gate, or being within 1000 feet of a school or church, etc. The amended ordinance, which also includes a provision allowing for the Sheriff to seek reimbursement for costs of eradication, was delayed on May 5. On June 23, the Board voted to start selling voluntary zip-ties for $25 on July 1 without enacting the rest of the ordinance.
      Mendocino County Sheriff's Office Medical Marijuana Guidelines (issued 4/03/2009)
      Local Ordinance
      Mendocino Medical Marijuana Advisory Board
    Nevada Co.

    • Cultivation: 6 mature female plants or 75 square feet of plant canopy (previously 10 plants not to yield more than 2 lbs). Possession: 2 lbs processed marijuana - consistent with patient's recommendation.

    • Indoors - 72 plants in maximum 32 sq. ft growing area. Outdoors - 20 plants, no area limit. Weight limit 3 lbs dried marijuana per patient. Collective gardens limited to 3 patients. Dispensaries serving four or more patients are allowed max. 6 mature and 12 immature plants and 1/2 pound per patient.
    San Diego

    • City Council guidelines allow up to 1 lb of marijuana, 24 plants in 64 square feet indoors; no outdoors growing allowed except in enclosed greenhouses.
    San Francisco

    • Patients allowed up to 24 plants or 25 square feet of canopy; dispensary gardens capped at 99 plants in 100 square feet. Possession limit 8 oz. dried cannabis per patient.
    Santa Cruz

    • 100 sq.ft. canopy and up to 99 plants is allowable under county guidelines, for a patient or a bone fide caregiver. The City of Santa Cruz is awaiting a ruling in the Kelly decision before adopting guidelines.
    Sonoma Co.

    • Guidelines permit 3 lbs for possession; maximum 100 square feet cultivation area with 30 plants or fewer (approved Sept 2006)
    Tehama Co.

    • On June 24, 2009, Tehama County Board of Supervisors delayed until July 14 their vote on an ordinance that would require fencing for medical marijuana gardens and make other restrictions. Supervisor George Russell encouraged concerned citizens to write to the board in concise, to-the-point letters.
      View the draft ordinance, starting on page 38.
    Trinity Co.

    • On October 28, 2008, the Trinity Board of Supervisors repealed their medical marijuana ordinance, reverting them to the state guidelines (see below).

    #1Raiderfan420 Well-Known Member

    So how did you get to this point? I am sure you have a good relationship with the club now, so they pay you more for the quality you produce..but when you first started selling to a did you have negotiate or did you have to sell to them a few times to get a response from your product?

    milowerx96 Active Member

    Holy shit! I live in Oregon and our laws are simple. 6 flowering 12 veg 18 clones or seedlings and 24 oz dried per card. You can grow for up to 4 cards. Those prices are rude. They are trying to do the same thing here with I 28. If I 28 passes it will ruin our scene too. I noticed most of the county's in CA have garden size square footage restrictions. That suck. We don't have that here. It just seems that the compassion clubs are anything but compasionate. $65+ an eighth. WTF how is a sick person supposed to afford that. Legal greedy drug dealers.

    #1Raiderfan420 Well-Known Member

    Yeah it is anything but simple here..the prices that they are throwing round are bay area prices..in Nor Cal it is much less..ie I just went to Clear Lake yesterday and paid $45 an 1/8th for some deisel and some kush .. it is fanominal!..but they had cheaper bud too. I can't imagine paying $85 an 1/8th.

    #1Raiderfan420 Well-Known Member

    You need to check your county .. my county says 1lb max posession but the Dr. that gave me my script said that your not supposed to carry more than a couple days worth...she said if you get pulled over on the way to a dispensary, you could have problems dependiing on the county and the cop

    MartinezTree Active Member

    Juts gotta be crefeul this is when the feds start comin after people. Other than that just grow some good shit and have like a pound.

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