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how to adjust the PH of soil

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by HONGKONG GIRL, Dec 16, 2008.


    HONGKONG GIRL Active Member

    HELLO guys...
    i have a problem in my soil that is how to adjust the PH of soil ?
    'cos i use PH6.5 water to run it through the soil slowly and them measure the ph of the water that drains out.The PH is 7.7 too high obviously...
    so what stuff that i can mixed with soil and it can lower my PH ??
    easier is better~~~
    Any thoughts, comments, or advice is welcome!:weed:

    Tomogchi Well-Known Member

    Lemon juice brings the Ph down
    And epsom salt brings the PH up

    HONGKONG GIRL Active Member

    I have the PH up and down solution,but i don't think mixed it with the soil direct that is a good idea to lower the PH of soil~~:hug:

    Afroman25 Well-Known Member

    Lol no add it the the water.

    HONGKONG GIRL Active Member

    yes, i have add it in the water,make my water becomes PH6.5...
    the problem is my soil.....how to adjust the ph of my soil??:cry:

    Ph4Y5e Active Member

    If ur Soil is Say 7.5 and ur water is 6.5 You are adjusting the PH in you soil by a -1 factor. Over time, by doing so say in a week or so, you will notice yuor pH in your soil will gradually come down and match your Water PH. Unless the soil you are using is very Acidic/Basic to start with. What soil are you using? U can also add Dolomite Lime to Raise PH, Or try adding Peat MOSS to lower PH into your soil before you grow!

    420weedman Well-Known Member

    vinegar - down
    baking soda(or powder i forget) - up

    flamdrags420 Well-Known Member

    since the soil reading is a point higher at her water ph of 6.5 wouldn't she just need to add more ph down to her watering to get the proper results? in her case wouldn't she want her feeding water be 5.4?

    Ph4Y5e Active Member

    i dun think you wanna go adjusting ph in your water differing to the soil by more than 1 at a time...

    420weedman Well-Known Member

    i have found that the soil ph readers that are cheap and you just stick into the ground, WORK LIKE SHIT. if the water is ph6-7 the plants will be fine
    that fuckin meter read my soil as 7.5 and the water i was using at 5.
    a chem test showed i was using ph 3 water ... plants were fine tho

    panhead Well-Known Member

    As another member allready said lowering the soil ph is easy as pie,simply drop the ph level of your water gradually over time,this will lower the soil ph .

    When you fertilize Are you ph'ing the water a few days in advance,then rechecking/adjusting the nutrient water before feeding it to the plants,depending on the fert's ph will rise/lower on it's own once you add fertilizer.

    flamdrags420 Well-Known Member

    I've not heard this before. And I know I'm new so forgive me here, but what would be the ill effects of making the Ph adjustment in 1 step instead of gradual increments?

    It seems then though to me that the problem is using reliable gear to measure the Ph with.

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