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how tall should my mj plant be when i start flowering

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by K33P IT GR33N, Jul 31, 2008.

    K33P IT GR33N

    K33P IT GR33N Active Member

    this is probably my fifth time trying to grow and i have falied all these times. but i am unsure at how tall my plant should be before i start the flowering stage.

    reefcouple Well-Known Member

    i start flowering between

    4-6 weeks &

    what strain?
    what light?
    what medium?
    what light schedule?
    what nutes/ferts?
    what's the ph of the soil?
    theres soo many variables, but if you can post some of these basics it will help us gelp you ;)
    Silky Shagsalot

    Silky Shagsalot Well-Known Member

    i usually induce flowering at 12". if you have limited vertical space then flower sooner.

    Dirtyboy Well-Known Member

    I start flowering when the plant is mature enough to flower.
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    K33P IT GR33N

    K33P IT GR33N Active Member

    its a chronic strain
    its partially inddor and outdoor in arizona
    inside light is about 100 w
    i use iowa topsoil which seems to be working pretty well but everytime i grow i only get the very first leaves and then it dies
    i have it planted in a little plastic flower pot
    i will post pictures here soon
    K33P IT GR33N

    K33P IT GR33N Active Member

    the plants ive tried to grow only seeem to get as high as the cup and then they stop its only about 3-4" inches tall now and i am wondering if i start flowering process now

    darkchildsks Active Member

    I use the general rule of thumb that a plant will grow 2 to 3 times larger when flowering, so flower when about a third of your grow space is used up. Indicas are generally shorter and bushier and sativas are generally taller and lengthier, adjust with experience. Happy Growing!

    potsmokinbasturd Active Member

    Well if your using an incandesant light its not gonna grow, it will die everytime. You need a cfl or fluorescent light wit a color spectrum of 5000k to 8000k. Go to walmart and buy 1 of their 10 dollar grow lights if u are just gonna grow 1 or 2 plants. That will veggem up to 12 inches nicely.

    FeaR Member

    bongsmilieI have 2 plants, white widow and green crack, both are clones. We started them growing them with an aerogarden for like 2 weeks, then we started switching them into the daylignt for about 8 hours then under the lights for another ten hours a day. They got up to about 2 feet when we decided to to put in 2 24 inch plant lights on the sides, 1 36 in light in the from near the bottom, and 2 48 inch plant lights directly above them, along with the aerograden mounted on the corner. We just switched to 12/12. They are both 28 inches tall. How much taller should they get during the budding process? The green crack is looking really bushy. We just switched them for 3 gallon pots to 9 gallon pots last week as well.

    Forzaitaly1 Well-Known Member

    2 ft is pretty tall By the time Ur done flowering They more likely to be 3 ft or even taller(No prob with that of course) But this one time I had a pretty tall(about 2.5ft) and skinny plant(OG), about 9 weeks into flowering 1 morning when I went to check them out, I found that OG bent from towards the bottom of the stem. I couldn't save it not even with support. But again it happened only once..

    Jeffdogg Well-Known Member

    Bro you can flower right from seed the height of the plant does not matter. Every grower has their own preference, mind if I ask how you failed on your past grows? Might be good to see if we can find out where you were having problems..

    Did you check your Ph regulary?
    If so what did you keep your PH around?
    What soil/growing medium did you use?
    What kind of nutrients and did you follow what the bottle suggested?
    Did ya leech your plants every so often to leech out the dissolved salts?
    Towards the end how did your leaves look (color and what not)?

    Just a few questions maybe we can help out to prevent anymore problems :weed:

    JSB1904 Member

    I sure hope you have your plants in at the very least a 2 gallon pot or better yet 3 gallons.

    kragger New Member

    well when the heck is that? That's the whole point of the question!!

    JoeyV Active Member

    Fail! Thanks for playing!

    Please deposit 25 cents to play again.

    bigsteve Well-Known Member

    The best way to figure this is to work backwards. Look at your flowering bulb and figure out how close a plant can come to the bulb without burning. That is the maximum height you can allow. Measure the distance from the floor to the maximum height and divide by 2. Most plants close to double in size while flowering. So, send them to flower when they reach 50% of your maximum height. Works 4 me, BigSteve.

    jackm420 Active Member

    Flower at 8 weeks

    jackm420 Active Member

    You will see pre flowers

    Cpappa27 Well-Known Member

    You can switch whenever you want it all depends on how much room you have to work with. After you switch to flower the plant usually doubles in size or in some cases triples all depending on strain of course. Good luck.
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    PlutoStatus101 New Member

    are these plants too young for flowering?

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    greenlikemoney Well-Known Member

    Why are you growing 6 plants in the same pot? And fuck yes they are too young. This is a case for "Research Man" !!!

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