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How Ripe Is Too Ripe?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by gotot, Nov 20, 2008.


    gotot Well-Known Member

    How will i know when to cut my plants? if anything i'll wait too long. maybe a link something closeups of buds throught out the flowering cycle?

    gogrow confused

    i dont think any of us have ever seen "too ripe"... it takes a while; and trust me, you wont let them go that long:mrgreen:... the closest thing i have seen to a bud gone too long would be when i revegged the first time... left on a decent amount of bud for regeneration, and the bud stayed on for about 2months or better... eventually it just started to brown and fall off; but all the way untill that point, it looked damn smokeable to me:confused:... those buds were @5-6 months old... i doubt you will let em go that long:-?

    gotot Well-Known Member

    i heard it's when the catalyxs turn opaque

    flashgee Well-Known Member

    i wait till about 75% of the hairs

    flashgee Well-Known Member

    i wait till about 75% of the hairs turn brown/red or if you go a microscope at about 30x take a look at your tricks you want them to be milky to golden not clear.
    yuri orlov

    yuri orlov Well-Known Member

    yup wut they said

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    as they all post pics of theirs, ....... lol

    this is done, ............... IMG_9749.jpg IMG_9235.jpg IMG_9431.jpg IMG_9579.jpg

    card5150 Member

    i could care less if the hairs are what ever color, the trichomes are the deciding factor, that is the tell tale that you babies are mature and ripe for the picking, at least 70% of the mushroom heads as some know it and the trich stem will be a deep dark amber color (not brown) for our indica smoke and around 80% for the sativa.

    if you let get brown your sweet eforvesence will decline and start to become some what like bad beer and get that bitter beer face (lol) just my take as if you can hit a thc level 18-22% you gonna be the king of the hill and everyone will be bowing down and begging for that dank baby!!!

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