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how quickly does chlorine evaporates from tap water?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by meathook666, Aug 19, 2008.


    meathook666 Well-Known Member

    i water my plants with tap water. i find it efficient and easy and have never seen any ill effects of doing so on plants. i follow the rule of leaving the water overnight in a watering can..recently however in someone's post i found an information that 1 hour is long enough for the chlorine to dissapear..what do you know on this subject and your experiences in general with tap water???

    plantsman Active Member

    chlorine dissipates from the water in about 10-15 minutes. It is always best to leave the water overnight though, this gives is time to naturalise to room temperature...no need to cold shower your little ladies.
    South Texas

    South Texas Well-Known Member

    Plantsman is exactly right, take notes.

    tipsgnob New Member

    when I use my tds on fresh tap water I get a reading of 35-40 ppm and I let it set 24 hrs and I then get a 00 reading...

    Cr8z13 Well-Known Member

    I think I would consider murdering somebody if it meant my tap water would come out like yours. I'm at about 500 fresh from the tap. Maybe goes down to 470 once the chlorine has dissipated. I ended up having to shell out for RO.

    OnSolomonsGrave Well-Known Member

    Most large municipalities no longer use chlorine but a chemical called chloramine, which doesn't break down when exposed to open air, So check your local municipality and see what type of chemicals they use.

    dknob New Member

    lol. Read about the fluoride added in your tap water. That might also make you consider murdering somebody.


    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    About 24 hrs... same as when you're setting up an aquarium.. This year I'm doing that, but honestly, I didn't for the 5+ years before with no obvious symptoms... or detriment..

    Cyndrindale Active Member

    Indeed, Sodium Fluoride is far more deadly than chlorine, also in my area they are using a new type of chlorine where they bond ammonia to chlorine! I use rain water for all my plants, its easy to gather and its free.:blsmoke:

    tipsgnob New Member

    I would use the rainwater myself...but it never rains here...:)

    meathook666 Well-Known Member

    that seems like a good idea, especially here in the uk
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    AdReNaLiNeRuSh Well-Known Member

    My tap water has relatively low ppm as well. Regardless, I still need to rid myself of the chloramines/chloramids as I use live organism additives. A great fix I found for relatively cheap is the Small Boy water purification unit. It's around $100 and is able to cleanse 45gal/hour.


    Cyndrindale Active Member

    If your gonna collect rain water get a nice large rubbermaid container, do not waste 200 dollars on "rain barrels". What I do is place two 175 liter containers in areas where the rain fall from my roof is greatest and I never run out of clean water for my garden. Just keep it covered when it hot and sunny to limit evaporation and contamination.

    Cyndrindale Active Member

    All those filters are great for removing large metals from your water but they do nothing against chemicals such as Sodium Fluoride. Not all areas have high contamination so a water filter would be ideal if you live in one of these areas, otherwise rain water is a safe and free means of getting good quality water.

    If you do not own a testing system to analyze water what you can do to see if you have nasty water is get 1/2 cup of water in a glass container, place it outside under the intense sun and let it slowly evaporate. If there is a layer of yellow "sludge" left behind you have dirty water! I would not suggest drinking this water either. I drink my rain water too, and take cool showers because if there is steam you can inhale the chemicals and the hot water opens your pores and you absorb it. Hope I can help any. Good luck.

    dknob New Member

    That water is only as clean as your roof man! lol


    Cr8z13 Well-Known Member

    Exactly, I don't need any help.

    moon47usaco Well-Known Member

    Correct, if it does not rain regularly collecting from your roof could to be worse then tap water, especially if you live in a high pollution area like the city... My wife family lives in a very rural country area and they will not collect water unless it has already rained a few times in the last week... The first rain will be the worst as everything that has accumulated since the last rain will be in your water...

    Also some places make it illegal to collect rain water so setting up a rain bucket system could get you a big fat fine, check your local government... As ridiculous as it sounds they think you are taking from the water that will flow to the city/county reservoir and hence their pocket to charge you to pump it back to you...

    Brokeoldbloke Active Member

    I've always just used straight tap and never let it sit to dissipate the chlorine. I haven't ever noticed a problem. What problems does chlorine in tap water cause?

    Brokeoldbloke Active Member

    Its illegal in Colo to collect rainwater but its not ever enforced unless your collecting on a large scale. I have two IBCs in the back yard that I use to feed a garden drip system. Enforcement is a state thing and not a concern of the city/county. Places like Sams and Lowes sell rainbarrels locally.

    Letstrip Well-Known Member

    Thats insane that some places make it illegal to collect rain water!

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