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How often should i spray my plants?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by BtomBOMBS, Jul 19, 2011.


    BtomBOMBS Member

    Hello! Ive just transplanted my plants into new 3 gallon pots yesterday and last night was the first time i sprayed my plants with the thrive alive B-1 green. They are also under a 400 watt metal halide bulb with an air cooled hood. The plants are about a month old and about 6-8 inches tall. I heard its good to spray the plants right about when theyre going to go to sleep so i did that but how often should i spray them? Every night? Every couple days? every time i water or feed?

    stlmatt Active Member

    You can foliar feed (misting of plants) pretty much anytime (during veg growth), I like to do mine at wake up (just before light on) and about 1/2 hour before the light goes off. Make sure and spray both sides of the leaf...not just the tops. I stop foliar feeding once the plant starts budding, as you dont want to promote any fugus or mold growth. If you have good air flow Foliar feeding is great, you just have to be carefull that the water doesnt stay on the leaf long enough for mold, mildew or any fungus to develope. Do not foliar spray once buds have developed.....buds can retain moisture and this is an easy way to get bud rott.


    silvaring Member

    Hi BB, I Spray my babies Virthly the same as stimstt,,,, But i do my plants when the lights go Off ,,,, Because if sprayed before the lights go ON,, the water droplets act as little magnifing glasses n can burn your babies!! ATB,, S

    BtomBOMBS Member

    ok cool thanks guys. is it cool to do this on a daily basis?

    silvaring Member

    Yes Bud!! I'd advise a 3/4 days a week reg spray,, But i'd stop spraying max 2/3 weeks into flowering
    ATB.. S

    BendBrewer Well-Known Member

    For the record, I grow in hydro and never spray.

    silvaring Member

    Here's my not so secret of a nice Rocket Fuel!!

    Quite an old recipe this but one i feelshould not be lost.

    This is a recipe for a foliar feed to give vegetative plants a boost beforegoing into flowering. Always use a fine mister for foliar feeding providinggood surface area for absorption and don't soak the plants.

    Please remember when foliar feeding it is important to do it just before yourlights go off. The reason being if you spray plants under hot high poweredlighting the droplet of water heats and also acts as a magnifier for the lightdamaging the leaf surface.

    Then ensure plants are dry before the lights come on again, you may need toincrease ventilation slightly during the lights off period to achieve this.

    25 DROPS OXY +

    ATB,,, S

    silvaring Member

    Hay BendBrewer,,, You shuld try!!! The results are Amazing! (Just Try it Marra)

    BendBrewer Well-Known Member

    I misted the last round. This one is doing so much better without spraying and I don't need the humidity to be honest.

    I started a thread about not misting. Seems like a lot of people don't bother and very few if any seem to do so in flower.

    GrowersBook.com New Member

    This is only true is you are not using a wetting agent like dish soap or coco wet.

    A wetting agent (also called a surfactant) reduces the surface tension of water, allowing the drops to be much much smaller than normal. It also provides a bit of sticking power for the liquid to stay on the leaves a little longer.

    Now there is also another liquid called a "Delivery Agent" or "Penetrating Agent" which is different from a wetting agent in that this liquid can actually penetrate the waxy exterior of most leaves. This allows the nutrients to delievered inside the plant, and not just on the outside which in turn delivers a greater amount of the nutrients from your spray to actually be usefull for the plant.

    Penetrator by Dutch Master (i think they may have changed the name) is one penetrating or delivery agent. While Wet Betty by Advanced Nutrients is another.

    I prefer to use delivery agents for nutrient foliar sprays, and wetting agents for neem oil spraying.
    Canna Bus

    Canna Bus Well-Known Member

    The original Rocket Fuel from Humboldt county California circa 1970 is as follows:
    To each Liter of water pH 6, slightly warmed, add the following ingredients, stirring or shaking thoroughly between each new addition :

    1.) 8 drops 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. This will remove any Chlorine and increase level of Oxygen availability, improving nutrient uptake and usage in plants.

    The original formula called for 15 drops "Oxy-Plus" which was 17% Hydrogen Peroxide. I haven't been able to find the original Oxy-Plus anywhere. You can get 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide here
    http://www.purehealthdiscounts.com/h2o2.htm or here http://www.dfwx.com/h2o2.htm and just use half as much.

    2.) 36 drops "Agral". I've never been able to find this particular product but as it is just a wetting agent, CocoWet or Wet Betty will work fine.

    3.) 5 mls (1 teaspoon) "Nitrozime"

    4.) 30 mls ( 1 oz. ) Dr. Willard's "Earth Food" - This product is no longer made. Jon's Plant Factory in Canada bought up the last remaining quantities but they will not ship outside of Canada. HOWEVER... through two days of searching the Internet and a few of calls to Canada I found out that ULTIMATE dark Willard's Water is the same formula. http://www.willardswater.com/information.php?information_num=25

    Shake mixture thoroughly and mist the entire plant when 7 to 10 days old. Plants should be treated in this manner every two to three weeks and definitely no more than once a week. Foliar feeding should ALWAYS be carried out in low light, early morning or late evening. The above solution can also be used to water the root zone of plants. First dilute the mixture with four volumes of water. (One Liter of the above mixture will therefore make up to five Liters of watering solution). I have personally never used Rocket Fuel to water the root zone of my plants. No particular reason, I just haven't. Having said that I guess I will [​IMG].

    1.) 8 drops 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

    2.) 1-2 ml per Liter (d tsp) Coco-Wet or Wet Betty.

    3.) 5 mls (1 teaspoon) "Nitrozime"

    4.) 30 mls (2 tablespoons [US] / 1 oz.) ULTIMATE dark Willard's Water.

    I Always use Rocket Fuel to soak my seeds. I found seeds treated in this way germinate faster and produce more vigorous seedlings. I then mist the Girls when they are 7 to 10 days old. This is a tried and true process that I've been using for years and will continue to do so.
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    Dalek Supreme

    Dalek Supreme Well-Known Member

    Me too......................................

    since1991 Well-Known Member

    Old post but yeah this is similar to the Original. Not exact as neither Nitrozime nor OxyPlus brands were even on the market yet....but there was an Original California Rocket Fuel foliar spray recipe that all the norcal hippie growers swore by back in the 1970's. And slight variations of it. You can also wet paper towel germinate all but the oldest and toughest seeds with a mixture of diluted Nitrozime (or any kelp) and humic acid when you wet the paper towel down. Not scientific at all but it seems I use to get more female seeds from regs with it as well. Just make sure its really diluted. Like quarter of label mixing on the Nzime. Dont need much to get them tough old seeds cracked open.
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