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How often do you feed your soil?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by gardenman, Nov 19, 2008.


    gardenman Well-Known Member

    Hey i'm growing in soil b/c of some bad experiences with hydro dwc. I'd like to know how often do people feed their soil? I'm using techna flora liquid nutrients. They recommend feed, water, water, feed but is that too much?


    Phinxter Well-Known Member

    nope sounds about perfect.
    thats the same schedule i use . water water feed . and i water usually every other sometimes every 3rd day
    so i would say i feed with nutes about 1 time a week
    and i should also add that i use no nutes until the plants have 4 nodes then i start 1/4 strength for a few feedings then 1/2 strength and build up to full strength

    BCtrippin Well-Known Member

    It really depends on whats IN your soil. I would Highly recommend getting a neutral medium, PromixHP, sunshine mix #4 both are great, they are actually soilless dirt mediums so they require nutrients always. You just feed them hydro nutes, every feeding.

    With a neutral medium you wont get your plants burnt by the nutes in the soil, and when you want to flush you actually can.

    ODGROP Well-Known Member

    I mix my own special blend into my dirt before planting and then I feed about 4-6 weeks after planting. I then mix up my flowering dirt and transplant into that before I start flowering then add a little bone meal about 4 weeks into flowering and thats it for nutes. But I use composted chicken manure, bone meal, and biotone and they last a lot longer than chemical fert so this probably doesn't help you much. :-P
    yuri orlov

    yuri orlov Well-Known Member

    every monday

    Jonus Well-Known Member

    I grow in coco and I feed every second day and water with pH corrected water with additives alternatively. Thats using the Canna range of feed.
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    kidsingle Well-Known Member

    I always keep it moist with distilled.

    drifter1978 Guest

    i also grow in coco and feed every 6 hours and do a ph flush every 4 weeks or at every nutrient change.

    interesting that you feed every 2nd day jonus and do you use the bud enhancer from the canna range am very interested in that product have heard good things but is very expensive all though you dont use that much?


    ovechkin8 Active Member

    im interested in what went wrong with hydro? its so ez?

    skunkdog Well-Known Member

    YES u can, but most times its from feeding a nute with a ppm which is to high, and they can get a build up of salt's, but YES it's better than soil..:peace:

    skunkdog Well-Known Member

    coco 16l pots and feed 3l every 3 days, or 3l every 2 day when co2 is runnin.

    drifter are u running flood to waste/dripers???how much to what pot size???

    BCtrippin Well-Known Member

    Read my post, actually read the part you quoted even. I said with a neutral medium your plants cant get burned by the nutes in the SOIL....obviously you can still burn with feedings

    drifter1978 Guest

    yes i am,i am using 50 lrt pots and use to feed every 4 hours which i may go back too, had some problems which i thought was something to do with my watering, but it was in fact my ph tester being wrong so getting false readings hence killing my plants.every feed is for 15 minutes.i couldnt tell how much water that is i cant even remember the size of the pumps.1 pump for each plant, 1 pump is bigger in case i put 3 plants in there i can put the bigger pump on 2 plants.i will have a look at the size of the pumps and get back to ya

    Jonus Well-Known Member

    Yes it is very expensive. I use the whole Canna range from Rhizotonic from start to finish, Cannazym, Coco A+B, Bio Boost during flower and PK13-14 but not as directed on the label - says week five only, I use it over weeks 4 and 5. I flush at the start of week 6 and stop feeding at the end of week 7 but continue the Cannazym and Bio Boost till the end.

    Bio Boost is not as potent as Boost but the results are the same although you use more of it. So while you save in price, it probably costs more over the long run. The result is it knocks about a week off budding. As I grow mostly master kush at the moment, that helps since 9 weeks is normal for MK, that way its ripe for the picking at end of week 8.

    Due to the fact Im budding in a tent I also use Yield Masta's 'Sudden Impact' to keep those unruly master kush under control as they can get away on you if you let them.

    What mls per litre are you feeding your plants at using Coco A+B? Is that because you are using the coco slabs or something?

    Added: Just read what you said above about the 50 litre pots.

    gardenman Well-Known Member

    Problem with the dwc was my roots turning brown and slimey. Growth was awesome but I did everything [ i think] i could do to correct it.

    drifter1978 Guest

    i am not using slabs just coco which has been flushed and then put into pots and i use canadian express nutes for coco at a rate of 50-60 mls per 10 ltrs and have a 300 ltr nute tank which is 1.5 ltrs of each per tank fill.

    Jonus Well-Known Member

    Nice one. Hmmm maybe Im not feeding mine enough per litre and enough regularity. Got another two going into flower tonight so might start them on a daily feed at 5mls per litre.

    skunkdog Well-Known Member


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