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How often do i water

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by madgreggy, Jul 27, 2006.


    madgreggy Active Member

    gidday kids, just quick question, i am in grow stage and are unsure how often and for how long i should be watering. i have an auto system and the timer can only do 15 min intervals.... :wall:

    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    im guessing your growing on a hydro system ?

    harvester Active Member

    Now you didn't mention whether you're using an ebon flow or spray nozzle system.

    The thing about hydro systems ( if that is indeed what your using) is that
    you need to "tinker" with it.
    You have to figure that out on your own.

    But I can direct you on how to figure it out.

    I'm going to assume your using a spray nozzle type system

    What you do is set what you would think to be an appropriate amount of watering per day. normally 3-4 times /day depending on the retention quality of your soil or soiless medium.

    At the end of the day lift your pots to see if they are heavy or not. An adequately watered plant should have some weight and an inadequately watered plant should be lighter due to dryer soil.

    Mr. Redeyes

    Mr. Redeyes Active Member

    hey about how much water should I give a cannabis sprout and how many times a day? Ive been giving them about 10 Ml. of water every morning.

    ThatGuy1985 Well-Known Member

    so i'm guessing you didn't read the other posts on this thread huh what are you growing in yadda yadda here this might help if it looks like it's starting to get dry give it a little water i think that 10 ml of water a day might be a bit much when i use those jiffy peat disks i blow up the disks and then mist daily when the sprout and then maybe water in like a week or 10 days

    420GanjaGrower420 Active Member

    How often do i water a marijuanna plant cuz im scared cuz i havent water for a day.

    lilkc Well-Known Member

    Are u supposed 2 wet the leaves?

    Dhardy Active Member

    You can water the leafs but it aint gonna do no good, you need to water the base, so the roots will have water to absorb, its just like how a human needs water, are you gonna water there hand???? NO!!!!

    Bibble Active Member

    dude you should really do ALOT more research on this.... Fa real it might be best to just look up some site instead of waiting for people to respond.... not starting shit im just saying

    Bibble Active Member


    Courtstiff Active Member

    yeah pisses me off that people begin growing weed and dont have a first clue.i watched mr green on you tube over and over before my first attempt,which may i add was a cool 12 ounce of bud,he knows how to kick out the funk.

    b14cklabel Active Member

    It shouldnt piss anyone off that people choose to pickup a hobby in different ways. Some have more time than others and some have more of an emotional investment as well. You should not judge people who ask questions first off as 99% of the time no question is a bad one. No one should be pissed off and have to say so, if you do not like the thread do not respond to it, just basic respect.

    On the other side yes it can be slightly annoying to see a forums go nub-cakes with multiple threads all asking very basic questions. However this is the watering thread and a single thread again is hardly something to get pissed about no matter how busy with newcomers it is. Bubbles was correct in telling them that they should maybe do some more research but on the other hand they very well could of and that research was so conflicting that they felt the need to ask anyways.

    The answer on how much to water:
    Considering every growing is unique in their setup the amount of water you give your plant will depend on multiple variables.
    some of which are:
    1. Growing Medium (mixed or not, retention qualities,and the nutes that is may/may not contain)
    2. Plant size, age, absorption rate of water
    3. Whether you are plain watering or nutes watering
    4. Pot size

    General Watering for soil :
    Just planted: about 100-200ML of water, completely hydrate the entire medium, this is if you germinated seedlings

    Seedling Sprouting: Finger check top 1/2 of soil( do not disturb the seed!), if dry water 50ml right above where u planted.(this is assuming you planted the seed 1/4 inch-1/2 inch in dirt)

    Sprout: finger check top 1" of soil if dry give 100ml of water, a good rule of thumb for plants is for every 1 inch it grows up it roots down 2 inches. So if your guy is growing .5 inches per day or 1/4 inch then check that much deeper into the soil with your finger, so you know if the roots are getting water at their level. Once the roots reach bottom increase to 200ml of water whenever dry. This is usually every 2-3 days depending on your humidity and light and other variables. A baby plant can be over watered easily however once it gets big its very hard to over water it. A good rule of thumb is to water for 1-5% run off for baby plants every 2-3 waterings and for 10-15% for juvenile-adult plants. It depends on mainly how advanced the rooot system is, if its advanced you need to over water more often maybe everytime.
    You personally will have to experiment and take it from here. Read up as we all have spent many many hours including myself reading up and no new person is any different.

    General Watering for Hydro :
    It depends greatly on the amount of watering each time, the size of the plants, spraying or pour watering spigots, is it a hydro system or are you doing hydro plants individually, growing medium mix and its rentention qualities. One with hydro setup but not auto watering will want to treat it like a more frequent soil, and overwatering should be done everytime. the excess water should be recycled into the water system always or you are going to be dumping drained nutes as when you do feed water your plants the medium holds the nutes in but you will be watering often so some waterings are just normal water, youll flush those nutes right out if they arent absorbed yet! Recycle your water!

    With automatic watering systems you will have to check often and make the adjustments. Not only are your plants going to demand more and more every day but you are going to have to experiment to get them at the right % levels from the start. hook up only a couple of plants and see how they do day by day, if its good plug n play more of your plants until its full. They are going to require an increase in waterings every week almost and possibly even more so when older. You need to make sure you have all your testing equipment right as you are growing all your plants on the same system, on screw up can quickly affect all as they LIVE off of your waterings.

    Some say hydro is easier but honestly a good mix of soil is by far the easiest grow and the most money saving. Even if you drain the nutes from soil you replenish them with feed waterings. The mixes have greater retention qualities than hydro but less aeration quality ( this is where your mix really defines your grow ) but saves you $$$$ on nutes since you do not have to feed from the start!

    I am sure a true guru can come post over me and have alot more advice but I have just been reading like crazy and well this thread is for watering and doesnt have an explanation yet. so here is a decent one :)
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    Hedgehunter Well-Known Member

    i dip my pots in the bath once a week, works fine !:weed:
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    potenza Well-Known Member

    @ b14cklabel
    useful informations for me,thanks

    MileHIGHclub101 Well-Known Member

    if the growing medium is to wet whats a fast way of getting the soil to release it i was having problems with soil temp and it was too cold now i've warmed it up with insulation and heating pads but i need the water to be absorbed. My thoughts are only good sweet time will solve this problem but im a bit impatient maybe just make it a little hotter i dont know please help?

    bendererer Active Member

    One way to get that water released is to take the plant to a restaurant or bar with one of those blowing hand-dryers in the bathroom. Rotate the blowing mechanism (The shiny thing that makes your head look misshaped) until it is blowing upwards. Now, quickly nestle your plant in the blower and press the button. This works great, but you need to repeatedly hit the button over and over again until the soil is at the desired level of dryness. Also, try to be quick because cops are some of the only people who use those blower things, so there's a possibility of them noticing a two foot pot plant sticking out of the blower; which might inevitably lead them to wondering who over-watered that plant... so wear a mask and cape to conceal your identity.
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    MileHIGHclub101 Well-Known Member

    I want what your smoking...if that truly were the case id just get a blow dryer..hahaha how the fuck do you get a plant into a bar and or other restroom hahah the more i think about it the more it makes me laugh..good one

    Earthling Active Member

    when running an aeroponics system how long do you run feeding cycles from clone stage on and how often?

    DrGreenFinger Well-Known Member

    what drew 13,000 of US to even take a look? :lol:

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    Check out you tube yo can get all the info there don't water every day wait untill the top 3 ince is dry this will give you a better root system put your finger in the soil to see how dry it is futher down you will be supprised sometimes it is welldamp so you dont have to feed.

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