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How much would you say a gram of aurora indica would run on the streets?? (texas)

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by SAmisery, Dec 2, 2008.


    SAmisery Well-Known Member

    Anyone have a clue??

    ODGROP Well-Known Member

    Who the hell buys a gram of weed, I would say 40-50$ an 8th.

    awry Well-Known Member

    4g = 50$ here

    but i just do point fer point 5g=50
    ThE sAtIvA hIgH

    ThE sAtIvA hIgH Well-Known Member

    $600 a gram for aurora indica

    sb101 Well-Known Member

    haha right

    Hydrotech364 Gen Mod

    Houston,15-25.They have some awesome shit called shortline going around now.:leaf::?:leaf:

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    Most places you can't get a gram to save your life, and around here if you're talking on the street you'll get an 1/8th for $45 but it's actually only 2.8g on average anymore.

    Those that are finding 1/8th's that weight 4g and sell for $10/g are lucky.

    Saying it's aurora indica isn't going to net you another cent here, it's only about what it looks, tastes, and smokes like. The absolute shit will net more if it looks like the shit, but that has fuck all to do with the name and more to do with how it's grown and if it's the best of the crop or some fluff off the bottom.

    Smokey21530 Active Member

    ya bro obviously you can make the most by nickle and diming but it takes forever and is a HUGE risk but to answer ur question id say 15 if its legit and proper grown.But like the other dude said its all about bag appeal if u wanna make dough u can have shit but if it looks amazing ppl will pay top dollar cuz ppl r stupid and like what they see.

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