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How much weight do they put on the last 3 weeks of flower

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by anberlinaddict, Nov 5, 2009.

    purple voodoo#5

    purple voodoo#5 Member

    its funny how many people i have already seen on here that say there is no need to flush when i myself have smoked the difference between the two and can say for sure (growing hydro cant speak on soil) that you need to flush before harvest in order to prevent harsh, hot, smoke. and if you want to feed nutes until the point of harvest then that is fine. on the day you would plan to harvest wait 3 more days give a clearing solution the first day and plain water the next 2 days, snip cut. thats what clearing solution was developed for. duh. and three days longer will not hurt and only let your plants ripen a bit more because if you dont know that flushing is the right thing to do yet then you are most likely pulling your plants to early as well.:bigjoint::bigjoint::bigjoint::bigjoint:
    purple voodoo#5

    purple voodoo#5 Member

    p.s. MJ plants need to be flushed no matter if the earth is round or flat:bigjoint:flush or be forced to smoke harh bud!:bigjoint:
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    superdave5 Active Member

    "Nutrient levels should be gradually adjusted to the lesser needs in later flowering." This was also a part of your link.... Do you think that feeding full strength nutes all the way until finish is still a good idea. Agreed that maybe you can get by with a lesser dose, but you didnt say that. You said feed full strength til the end. And who cares if lack of nutrients is affecting new growth at the end of flowering. Once your buds are developed and rippened it doesnt matter anyway because you can over do it and potentially do even worse things to your plants. So that statement alone and link you provided indeed do support the theory of backing of nutes at the end of flowering. You said "feed until the end of flowering".

    BeatenByTheWorld Well-Known Member

    I smoked weed with minimal flushing and it was fine.

    If anything I think it depends on the TYPE, AMOUNT, and FREQUENCY of use of nutrients. Different chemicals make different tastes and some of them don't make any at all. Some of them can be cut out by a water pump filter or soil buffers.

    Nobody can sit here and say 'your weeds harsher than mine' over the internet. Because your never going to know unless you all have identical grows. What works for one sometimes doesn't work for another. Its all preference. So don't look down on somebody who doesn't flush as much or at all and don't talk trash on the meticulous gardener who does the popular concept of 14 days.

    In my own opinion I think 2 weeks is ridiculously unnecessary though. HOWEVER. If it were me, I would stop adding MORE nutrients the last few waters because there are still nutrients in the dirt at that point the only thing you'll deprive it of is nitrogen and you want that at the end anyways. Then flush a few gallons through the dirt for a day or 2 tops in a pitch black room. I don't claim to know anything about hydro gardens :/
    Illegal Smile

    Illegal Smile Guest

    Hi, I'm a marijuana plant coming up on the ninth week of flowering. And I'm hungry. There are no nutrients in my water anymore. There has been plenty up till now and my flowers are as big as they're going to get. I think the end is near. Therefore, it is my evolutionary duty to do all I can to accelerate the reproduction process. That means for the rest of my days I have to try to catch any pollen that's out there. I can do that by creating more of that sticky stuff on my flowers that is so good at grabbing any pollen that's in the air.

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