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How much weed

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Matt121791, Jun 24, 2007.


    Matt121791 Active Member

    How much weed do you usually get from a single plant?
    beenthere donethat

    beenthere donethat Well-Known Member

    There are wayyyyy too many variables in that question to give any sort of a reasonable answer....

    Matt121791 Active Member

    Alright how much weed would you get from a moderatly sized northern light plant.

    law Active Member

    it hink what beenthere is trying to say is whats the ph of the water, what nutes you using, how long veggied for, what lights your using, what times your doing it at, size of the room, CO2 etc etc etc
    too many variables
    beenthere donethat

    beenthere donethat Well-Known Member

    indoors...*properly grown*...I'd say an average yield would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 ounce per gallon of soil in the container under 1000 watts of hps light.

    less light (CFL, floros) less bud. Less experience, less bud.

    still a lot of factors to consider. If you show a picture of your plant folks could zone in on a number a bit easier...

    good luck

    bt dt

    420thAvenue Well-Known Member

    age and growth stage, lighting, medium, medium container size, height, how many branches, how many nodes, how many leaves, how big are the leaves, how much girth is the stalk at medium level? If you can't answer these then post pics, otherwise like bt dt said.. no reasonable answer can be given.

    A couple of the questions really have no relevence, but I am just pointing out how many things can effect size and yield.

    dursky Well-Known Member

    1 ounce to 1 pound
    beenthere donethat

    beenthere donethat Well-Known Member

    yup law..that's what I'm saying. I've seen 3 grams on a plant grown indoors POORLY..and I've seen 6 pounds on a single plant (grown outdoors by an expert)

    so...um....somewhere in between those 2 numbers... LOL

    moxtox Well-Known Member

    Umm....six pounds? you are talking dry weight right? just because that sounds a little outrageous, just out of curiousity what were the genetics and the growing conditions? how long was this plant grown inside before it was put out and how tall was it?
    beenthere donethat

    beenthere donethat Well-Known Member

    Yes..dry weight. It was a privately bred g13HP x Haze grow outdoors in a med guy's backyard in Cali. It was vegged indoors for 3-4 months...placed outside as an easy 5 x 5 bush...and it finished at around 12 ft x 12 ft. The main stalk was as big around as a 20 oz plastic Coke bottle and the "side branches" were easily an inch in diameter 6 ft up on the plant.

    The guy actually had to add on to the height of his privacy fence in August as it crested over the top and was too large/wide to bend over or manipulate in any way, shape or form.

    his yard isn't all that large and it damn near filled it......

    bt dt

    Vermilion Well-Known Member

    I think I saw a picture of that on this site. It was a picture of a thick ass stalk with 2 thick ass branches coming off of it with a fist for size comparison.

    marcus420 Well-Known Member

    I, a beginner in this growing game have gotten 7 grams dry off my first few plants. The one i am drying and have been "testing" for a couple of weeks will have easily an ounce dry. I have a plant in my flowering room about ready to harvest which will have no more than 8-10 grams on it grown same conditions. way too many variables to actually guess most of the time with my half-ass attempts I have ended up 12-16 grams dry. The last few grows were shoplights only the one drying was entirely cfl's . I would assume this plant I am drying would have been a monster under HPS .

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