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how much water do plants need

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by weedmandann, Oct 17, 2009.


    weedmandann Member

    hi everyone im new to this site im starting a grow i know most things but have never hand fed the plants does anyone no how much water to give them each, ive been told 200ml a day for first 2 weeks and 400ml each day for the rest, but i also got told that when the plants are big and flowering they can easy use 1 litre a day, can anyone help thanksbongsmilie

    Cane'Bosem Well-Known Member

    Flowering during the summer, my plants take about 1 1/2 liter each per day. Once a week I skip a watering to prevent problems. BUT during winter, they only take a liter every other day.

    I don't think it's safe to give a number amount... every plant is different and every situation is different.

    When dry, water until you see a drop come out of the drain holes. Now that's how much water the pot can hold. Then wait for the top inch of soil is dry. Now that's how long you should wait between waterings.

    The best thing to do is just to water when it gets dry, or the pot gets light when you try to lift it.

    You get a feel for it really.

    Hope this helps.


    CrackerJax New Member


    weedmandann Member

    thanks for that mate ill try that and hopefully ill get a feel for it, do you no the measurement i should hang the lights cos ive been told so many different things thanks

    GreedAndVanity Well-Known Member

    I water until water comes out and do it again when the PLANT looks a little thirsty not the soil. Generally in a one gallon pot for a one foot plant I water up to .5 gallon a week.

    Once I transplant into bigger pots and they go off plants can easily go through two gallons a week at about 3 feet. The bushier and bigger the plant is the more water in needs.

    Pay attention to how much water you need to completely saturate the medium and water when thirsty for soil like mediums. I think people worry way to much about how much or little they should be watering the plant.

    Really it is very simple and by the end of your first grow you should be able to tell whether a plant is thirsty by looking at it. Even before they wilt at all there are telltale signs of water stress about to happen so you can get better and better at watering.

    I recommend watering once and pay attention to how much you had to water til run off forms. I usually water each plant a little watering each plant multiple times in a few minutes so the water doesn't drain down the side of the pot. Soon you will notice water gently collecting at the bottom and have a general ammount of gallons per plants you needed to water. After this don't do anything but watch the plants, they should go through a little spurt of vigorous vegetation followed by their leaves relaxing to a horizontal position. After I generally notice the plants leaves saw edges start to raise causeing a slight ving of the leaf which is generally when I water again.

    Sometimes sawedges curl up from salt build up in my experience as well but with careful observation you will get it down no problem.

    weedmandann Member

    thanks for that mate got some really ueful tips now, carnt wait to set them growing thanks again guys:eyesmoke:

    godbless Member

    Your advice is so clear thanks man!

    chavezx3 Member

    i was just wanting to knw about growing medical weed i got a plant goin and its lookin pretty gud but its out side im scared it gotten to much water hw will i knw if its got to much ??i dont want it to die cuz these seeds are hard for me to get in arkansas ... tahnks for any help or tips u can give me

    Dutchmast3r Active Member

    ya i water when my pot feels light..no particular time or regiment..if i was to say it 5 gal pot takes 1 gal every 2 days un my 400w...there about 3ft

    TsmokeTrain Well-Known Member

    i give my plants like 500 ml a day lol! thats why my haze is droopy and my white widdow is droopy too, although the Shaman High strain seems to enjoy it greatly

    Coho Well-Known Member

    When the pot gets light I water..I don't dry out completely. My mother drinks about 1 1/2 quarts a day.

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