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How much water do newly-planted seeds need?...

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by DbD45, Feb 20, 2010.


    DbD45 Member

    I'm starting my first grow and plan to post pictures as things get going. Using feminized seeds from Nirvana (White Rhino). I germinated them and planted in high quality organic soil from local shop. Using clear solo cups with holes punched in the bottom for drainage. First question is, what is the general rule for watering at this stage? They are reasonably wet right now - about a 3.5 (out of 4) on my little hydrometer (or whatever you call it).

    Thanks in advance! I look forward to keeping everyone updated on this grow.

    Tomacriderx Member

    First off what exactly is a Hydrometer? Where did you get it?

    Anyway, I'm new to growing but, I see the same thing everywhere I look, it says something like this... Keep the soil moist, not wet, a small container requires more frequent watering than a large one, a large container with pre-soaked soil will not need to be watered for about a week, at first when the seeds are new to the grow medium, water thoroughly, make soil wet all the way down, but dont go overboard, you will not need to water again for 2-3 days, at this point just use a spray bottle to moisten the soil.

    I just winged that, here are some websites I was looking at.


    2beanklm Active Member

    you want to keep the top soil pretty moist during germination after they start forming leaves you can let them dry out more before watering again. i can't give you a real idea as i always start mine in 3 gallon pots. i make my soil fert mix a week before planting seeds. on the day of planting i water each pot with 1/2 a gallon of ph adjusted water then plant seed. as soon as the top soil gets dry to the touch(3 or 4 days) i give it another quart of water. then after that it's 1/2 gallon every 6-7 days. hope this helps.

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