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How much water 14inch Plant..3 gallon pot

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by abovedaclouds, Aug 3, 2007.


    abovedaclouds Active Member

    I just transplanted my baby last night and now the pot is almost totally dry now....when I had her in a 1 gallon pot I would water her with a little over 700 ml of water

    should I step it up to a liter of water now....or more than a liter?

    I don't want to drown her since I did transplant her last night and she isn't drooping or anything so I'm assuming the transplant went well

    I'm all ears


    Verwegener Active Member


    In my opinion this is not that easy to answer, it depends on different factors, type of soil, climate in box/room/outdoors, age and height of plant, even the plants have different phases of "digesting" water. What i do, carefully watching and feeling the soil daily, watering again when the surface of the soil got dry and a bit deeper slightly wet. I have pots with 5 gallons, plants about 90 inch and average watering is about 3 liters every second day .

    Peace, Martin

    abovedaclouds Active Member

    thanks....man I'm gonna try 1 liter to start

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