How much vermiculite?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by growing2009, Nov 27, 2009.


    growing2009 Member

    Hi I bought couple bags of kellogs patio plus soil. Heard good things about it and its readily available. I also bought STA-Green Vermiculite. The bag says 100% vermiculite on it and it doesnt say anything about nutes in it so i figure it should be ok. I was wondering if this is ok vermiculite to use and also what the mixture of soil to vermiculite should be. Thank You

    pinkjackyle Well-Known Member

    not shure about verm needing 2 b added but i have added perlite with potting soil with perlite already present at a 25/75 perlite soil mix . id say a few cups verm in say a 4-5 gallon mix of 25/75 :leaf:

    dura72 Well-Known Member

    i'm using around 75%soil, 20% peralite and 5% vermiculite. i've been told too much vermic can hold too much water and give u root rot. i'm almost 5 weeks into vegging and alls well.

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