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How much pot do you need to smoke to fail a urine test?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by We TaRdED, May 18, 2008.


    sloanpro Active Member

    golden seal is what I meant. great for detox...milk thissle too

    SeattlePot Well-Known Member

    It really depends a lot on the type of test used. Instant test are not very sensitive and can often times be defeated by drinking LOTS of water before the sample is given. Many of these have a 50 ng detection cutoff. More precise testing such a mass spectrometry and gas chromatography are much more sensitive and can detect as little as a single ng. But most labs that use this technology allow for a certain amount of thc to be present without giving a positive reading. This is usually 20 ng. So a sample could contain 19 ng of thc, an obvious indication of cannabis use, yet still be technically negative. At this point it depends on the policy of the institution who is reading the results. Government agencies are often times more liberal and will not count 19 ng as a positive. This is because of the many lawsuits over the years in which a positive tester has claimed second-hand exposure. Private organizations such as security firms may be much more strict and count any amount as a positive.

    But beyond testing procedures, body type is much more important when analyzing the effectiveness of urinalysis. People with high metabolisms and low body fat can consume more drugs and have cleaner drug tests in less time while people with slower metabolisms and more body fat can show positive results for much longer and with smaller amounts used.

    The most effective and only universal way of defeating drug tests is to consume large amounts of water before the test. This dillutes the sample (i.e. clear urine). Although this will help a person defeat a drug test it is a method that can be detected using mass spectromtery and gas chromatography. These tests, while primarily designed to detect the presence of drugs, also test the creatine levels, or the concentration of urine in the sample. A low creatine level will indicate a dilluted sample and can invalidate the test. The test would be neither negative or positive and can result in a re-test. But this can be to your advantage as the test results might take several days to complete. On top of this, the institution will have to contact you and schedule a second test which will give you even more time. That is several days more days for your thc levels to go down. Although this avoids a "positive" test, it does indicate potential tampering and strict organizations may penalize you for this this type of test result.
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    Delayed Active Member

    I just quickly researched Goldenseal and came up with this, "Goldenseal became the center of a myth that it could mask a positive drug screen. This false idea was part of a novel written by pharmacist and author John Uri Lloyd." ( Goldenseal - What You Need to Know About Goldenseal )

    Drink lots of water.
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    We TaRdED

    We TaRdED Well-Known Member

    Great info SeattlePot, +rep for that one :D

    Thanks for the info Delayed, looks like goldseal is good for a lot of things :D


    Acidburn999819 Well-Known Member

    golden seal as in the herb does nothing for you...although there is a detox product called golden seal..its a drink...has no golden seal in it...but works miracles.

    lincolnvtboy Active Member


    lincolnvtboy Active Member


    i'm not sure who wrote this but it seems legit

    flightestman Member

    False no weed take more then 30 days to get out of you system, but that is the max that if you toke the max hard user we are talking all day long every day high. i know for a fact one bowl of weed will not flunk you pee test cause i have done it. i dont know exactly how much yet it take for the test to see it, but i can say one bowl or a moderate joint and a half the following day morning i pissed and was negative. if you want to test on your own they sell the medical testers in CVS. Im now going to smoke 3 moderate joints and test on the morning i weigh 200 pounds and I 5 7. ill post up my results 305 days for was not so for me. maybe you just assuming that number i assumed that but i took a test and it not so it was not even the next morning when i tested negative.

    flightestman Member

    I did a moderate joint and half or one bowl from my water pipe and i took a pee test the next morning i passed it, you can find out by buying the test at CVS and toking till it shows up the following morning then you will know how much you can take. they medical grade testers. they test is 20 dollars per package. Im going to up to 2 bowls and retest in the morning. ill keep you guys posted on how many grams it took for it to go off the following morning. then i will test every day to see when it is out of my system.

    goten Well-Known Member

    I got drug tested every month when i was on probation before i went to prison

    I would smoke that day after i got back from my p.o`s office and a little the next day

    Then i did not smoke for the rest of the month , i passed every time

    It does depend on how much you weigh , how active you are , like how many calories you burn cuz you workout or something , how much water you drink ect

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    One joint or less, assuming you're tested properly and immediately.


    TravCav Member

    I have had experience that if you pour isopropyl alcohol in your piss it will work because it's a defatting agent and for the swab test gargle none ethyl alcohol products that don't harm, like maybe mouth wash, it should work
    roger v

    roger v Member

    if its for a job they cant watch you.used somebodys piss put in small jar put one of them muscle patches around the jar put in pants.. that heat up slowley half hour befor test

    Cobnobuler Well-Known Member

    When in doubt, substitute with a sample from someone you know is clean. Once you pull it off, you dont have to sweat the results coming back or anything. Its the only sure way these days to beat a drug test and especially so for weed smokers who are treated unfairly in this mess anyway by such outrageously long detection times.

    chrishydro Well-Known Member

    Just go online and buy some stuff to clean out. There are soooo many out there and they work, dont take a chance get clean. Also when you pee go mid stream, not the begining let it go a few seconds than put the cup under, you dont want the first or the last of it in the cup, mid stream only.

    Closetgardner Well-Known Member

    when i was in prison i managed to get 1 joint was taken for a random test 1 week l8r and the thc line on the test was very light(but it still showed up).i was in jail for 3 weeks before i got tested and never had a smoke in that time.hope this helps man god luck

    SmokerMidnightToker New Member

    You are wrong about this. THC levels that will lead to a failed blood test remain in your blood stream for 24-48 hours. Same time threshold for mouth swab tests since those tests aren't testing your saliva, they are testing to see if you have actual cannabis residue in your mouth.

    The 3-4 month figures is for urinalysis. Detectable levels remain in your urine for so long because THC is fat soluble, so as you burn fat, the fat is filtered through the kidneys, and the THC is sent to the bladder.

    Most THC is passed in the bowel movement you have the day after you smoke.

    If you don't smoke for a week or 2 and make sure that you are eating enough that you are not burning fat, then it is likely you can pass a piss test without any assistance.

    *I am not a doctor, these figures are provided from months of obsessive paranoid research. Because of Cannabis Prohibition, actual research has been illegal and firm figures have not yet been confirmed.

    Bigby Well-Known Member

    I always thought it was any. Pretty cuntish undertaking, I certainly wouldn't work for anyone who wanted to test me. What if your mates smoke and you regularly get passively stoned? Its like your employer policing who your friends are.

    Bubblez10 New Member

    I smoke less then a bowl a day. And i will possibly have a drug test soon, should i do a detox? Im only 100lbs

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    Cannabis is a drug that can stay in the body for up to 6 month,

    My piss is Rick Simpson oil

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