How much perlite?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Illegal Wonder, Jul 18, 2013.

    Illegal Wonder

    Illegal Wonder Member

    Hey, I'm transplanting into 5gal bags and wondering how much perlite to add? I'm using Pro-mix soil.

    greenlikemoney Well-Known Member

    3 parts soil, 1 part perlite.

    amgprb Well-Known Member

    I too use a pro-mix based mix. I use almost 1/3 perlite. Works well
    Darth Budder

    Darth Budder Active Member

    I always use 33-40 percent. Currently i am in compost and i mixed 40% compost, 40% Perlite and 20% peat. The plants seem to really like it. Some of those promix blends have a bunch of perlite in em though dont they? which one are you using?
    Illegal Wonder

    Illegal Wonder Member

    Using the Premier Pro-mix, it does have perlite i mixed in, but not a bunch. The guy who got me on to pro mix got back to me and said 1-1.5 of perlite and 3.5-4 gallons of pro-mix for 5 gal bags.
    Garden Boss

    Garden Boss Well-Known Member

    I like 15-20 percent perlite

    T.H.Cammo Well-Known Member

    That's the same ratio I use when I make my own mix:
    1 part (store bought) Topsoil
    1 part Compost
    1 part Perlite
    1 part Composted Steer Manure

    So, for each 5 gallons, you should use 1 1/4 gallons of Perlite.

    DemonTrich Well-Known Member

    1 1.5cu' bag of FFOF per 1 8.8 liter bag of perlite.. I use the larger perlite, not the small stuff.

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