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how much light will stop flowering?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by poo, Sep 14, 2008.


    poo Active Member

    if I have a grow tent set up like in this picture, with the flowering plants in the flood table under hps 12/12, and a side board attached to the table with cfl lighting under it to keep a mother and clones,

    If a little light is visible around the table in the flowering area through reflection off the sides of the tent or from the compartment not being lightproof, will this prevent the plants in the table from flowering?

    I know that not even a small amount of light is aloud when in dark during flower, but if the cfls are so far away, not pointed at or near the plants and cfls need to be close as, shouldn't they not matter?

    Or do i need to make the under compartment 100% lightproof?

    any help would bre greatly appreciated

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    Assault Active Member

    he was trying to help you out

    Boneman Well-Known Member

    yeah wow!
    Chop his head off why dont ya

    NotMine Well-Known Member

    Anyway some one needs to smoke a joint :wall: but he answered your question correctly no light means no light:bigjoint:
    4 finger bag

    4 finger bag Active Member

    u know i've had some pretty geto grows in my life an did get some light in my bud cycle and did not end up with hermy's NOT saying that i didnt have problems but i also have one out side next to my back porch an my kids leave the fuckin porch light on some times and stunted bud is what i'm dealing with now but no herm but the light gets shut off as soon as i or my girl see's its on so i guess my answer is its best for u an u'r plant to have 100% dark on dark cycle
    its not hard to make something light proof... i also find green light is not bad havent had a prob with my flash light with a green filter
    an remember just cause u took ofence to what sombody wrote dont mean they were trying to be a know it all ass.
    just hear to help

    Johnnyorganic Well-Known Member

    My rule of thumb is any light leakage should not be any stronger than moonlight, which is pretty damn weak.

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    Your probably ok, but its nothing a tube of black silicone won't solve. cost $5 with the applicator gun, just run a bead over the edges, solves all light leakage problems...simple...cheap....effective....easy!! Do it!

    guudbud Well-Known Member

    staple some panda film up,or velcro it!

    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    just caulk it then paint over with flat white matt paint.
    or tape over the holes.
    its best to have 2 rooms one for vegg and a flowering room. if you have the space.
    vegg room on 24/0 with flos. forr vegg and mothers or clones.
    this is good so you always have plants to sling into flower when you want.
    i topp them to keep there size down. till im ready to use them for flowering.
    and a bigger closet for 12/12.
    i use an old wood closet with a 600 hps and it works great for 8 flowering plants.

    i find when i only had one room and i was trying to vegg and flower at the same time.
    i got hermies every time , due to light leaks..
    and even if you only have 1 hermie it will send you females hermie also.

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