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How much hydroton per 3" net pot

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by We TaRdED, Mar 6, 2008.

    We TaRdED

    We TaRdED Well-Known Member

    hey, i was just wondering aprox how much weight i need to buy of hydroton

    to fill 10 net pots. so what does a 3" net pot weigh after its filled with

    hydroton? or better yet, what does ten 3" net pots weigh? im thinking a

    pound per net pot????? i have no idea, can anyone give me an aproimate

    value. thanks a bunch.:blsmoke:
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    BSIv2.0 Well-Known Member

    Up to about 1/2" from the top of netcup. Just buy a 20lb bag. Save yourself from not having enough.

    dt270 Active Member

    A 10lb bag would be more than enough to fill 10 3" net pots.
    We TaRdED

    We TaRdED Well-Known Member

    thanks guys for your input.. so i have someone telling me to get the 20# bag and someone telling me to get a 10# bag, what do you guys think? im not trying to take sides, just want to have some more opinions. ty all.:blsmoke:

    YaK just some guy

    too much is better than not enough. buy the 20 pound bag.
    We TaRdED

    We TaRdED Well-Known Member

    ya, having some spare little clay balls never killed anyone right? im just trying to get a ballpark figure of how much i should buy though. but i def want to be a little over just in case i break my balls or soemthing.... lol..:mrgreen:

    DocGreenThumb Well-Known Member

    Go for 20. This stuff is reusable so might as well it is cheaper in a larger quantity so if you need more it will cost you more.

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