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How much does Weed cost where you live?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Il Cuoco, Dec 22, 2010.


    thatsam Member

    @ rsharp: sorry I should have explained seeds=shitty........up here in pac nor west I collected about 8 seeds in 3 years. I wouldnt even bother finding someone who sells straight dirt and asking how much. shit when I lived in SD (like '06-'07) you could pic up a zip of bobby brown for like 60 bucks from a stranger, I dont think that shit makes it this far north..
    Il Cuoco

    Il Cuoco Member

    I see in most of the comments the location it's missing...as far as i don't know where to locate that particular "market frame" it is useless!

    Please tell me the places too!

    Wooomb Member

    In Texas ounces of low grade costs about $75-120, don't know about anything more than that because I've never bought anything more than an ounce of that crap. And the real good high grade stuff is about $400-500 an ounce depending on who you get it from and about $1200 for a qp and pounds have about the same discount as qp's do here so if you really want to know do the math, I'm too lazy, I never buy pounds anyway. You can get the low grade stuff from all the wannabe gang members around here, or the good stuff from the wannabe gang members or usually from the people who "grow" it. You could also get the good stuff from a friend if they get it. Hash isn't usually something I come by around here that often, nor have I bought any so I'm not sure how much it is. But I know that it's not shit like the stuff it sounds like you could get.
    Il Cuoco

    Il Cuoco Member

    probabily the hash you can get there is made by someone who actually makes it out of good weed he probabily grew.
    Here the hash you get has been made hash and not weed just for transportation and duration purposes...it comes from maroc and has to make a long journey.

    Hash takes less in terms of volume and also lasts longer than weed...it is very easy to add shit and make it heavier as well...making it the best choice for an heartless narco-trafficant...

    that's why i grow...at least i know what i'm smoking and not paying any mafious asshole for getting me high.

    horn420 Active Member

    hey im from england and im pissed off wiv the shit weed that is bout these dayz! its way over priced and its nearly all fuckin sprayed, wot the fuck. jus started growing my own but got atleast 14wks till harvest and i need a smoke so got no choice to buy shitty sprayed weed!! hatre it but loving my lil babies in my wardrobe wiv my 400w hps

    krc Well-Known Member

    i wish i'd be lucky as you .. am from türkiye , anybody knows about even names of weed ; ww , afgan kush , NL etc..

    mj is bullshit as hay with full of weeds in it . there's hash everywhere .. i saw many dealers adding sleeping pills,insect sprays in order to earn more.so the subject is not smoke,commerce of drugs. b/c of all money is for financing the terrorists of pkk..

    hash sold as 12.5gr packs , 70-100$
    "hay" sold as well as 12.5 gr packs , 100-150$

    so always the best will be growing for my own

    rockbud Active Member

    in az..an oz.of reg 40 to 60$ and oz of highs 300 to 400 mids 200 to 300$..!

    nickyp Active Member

    Up northeast usa. 50-60 eigths of good stuff (blue mystic, diesel, bud) , eigth of epic weed (god bud, pineapple express etc etc) goes for 70. Ozs are all ive ever made it up to and there all over 375-500. Most dealers buy there shit for 300-350 an oz.

    Dj1209 Well-Known Member

    Shit weed (mids) - $5 gram $75-$110 ounce $1200-$1300 pound
    Ok weed (kind bud, kb) $10-$15 gram $180--$240 ounce $2800-$3400 pound
    Exotic weed (headies) $20 gram $320-$380 ounce $4400-$5200 pound

    twenty2 Active Member

    lol @ the guy who said mids is 400 bucks a zip

    cocoxxx Well-Known Member

    uk,england, west midlands ...... oz exodus cheese 240 pounds fuckin sterling, if your lucky enough to get your hands on it !

    suave.sam Member

    In South England most of the weed is shite, running you £180 - £220/oz
    If you want the good stuff, you need to know someone and that shit costs £240 - £280/oz

    You can pick up a lb for around £2800

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