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how much does vicodin cost

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by iblazethatkush, Feb 24, 2007.


    iblazethatkush Well-Known Member

    per pill. i got some i want to get rid of at the next party i go to but i've never bought them b4 so i idk how much to ask

    mookab Active Member

    You do know that Vicodin is a narcotic? I take them for pain. Nothing esle! Not something you want to get hooked on. Stick with weed. Safer.

    g00sEgg Well-Known Member

    I take them...a lot...for pain also..but..depends on how big the pill is...500mg, 750mg, 1000mg...
    500=3-5 bux a pill
    750=5-8 bux a pill
    1000=10-15 bux a pill
    depends on the person...and how much money u want...

    TillthedayiDIE420 Well-Known Member

    You're stupid if you take prescription drugs, or ever store sold drugs without having the symtoms... take it for pain. if i were to see someone trying to sell vicodin, i would personaly beat the shit out of them.

    Prescription drugs can fuck you up bad, my best friend's mom is hooked on painkillers and is going threw detox. DONT DO THEM THEY WILL MAKE YOU A RETARD (no jokes) down the road....

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    g00sEgg Well-Known Member

    Hmmm...i guess it's a good thing i take them for pain

    iblazethatkush Well-Known Member

    dude shut the fuck up
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    TillthedayiDIE420 Well-Known Member

    umm who are you? nobody? ok... dont talk.

    go take some more vicodin,

    o yeah and here is some --repp

    thats what you get for being smart.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    vicodin bad. met many of folk in my rehab days. starts out with 2 a day. one girl was up to 40 a day before they took her kids.

    TillthedayiDIE420 Well-Known Member

    i have a friend she had to go threw rehab on it, and my best friends mother is in detox right now for it... it is a stupid drug... just like every other man made drug... they fuck you up down the road too.

    smkpt Well-Known Member

    Vicodin is great every once in a wile - where i live they go for...
    500= $2
    750= $3-$4
    100= $5-$10

    iblazethatkush Well-Known Member

    shut up bitch you don't even know me. i don't fuck with prescription pills that's y i'm selling them dumbass, i just came up on some. and anybody who wants to abuse vicodin can go and get them fucking legally bitch, the ppl who abuse them don't have to go to college parties to get them dickhead. and recreational drug use is fine in my book if thats all we're talking about. And you of all people shouldn't be judging ppl's recreational drug use b/c most of society looks upon weed the same way u do vicodin and there's always going to be some douchebag talking shit no matter what drug u bring up from weed to alchol to pills.etc, etc. so congratulations you're that douchebag:clap:

    iblazethatkush Well-Known Member

    oh yea what the fuck is repp anyways

    TillthedayiDIE420 Well-Known Member

    rep is something you will never have little man.... o and friends is another you wont have. :( and like i said if i saw some1 like you selling them i would personally beat the shit out of you.

    because it isent cool to slang it, how about you throw them out cause you're just going to get people hooked.... which is just as bad as taking them, so ur not fucking ur life up, your fucking some1 elses up, O YOU DONT GIVE A FUCK THO CAUSE WHY SHOULD YOU? yeah i hate pricks like you man.. keep your insults to your self mate, like they do enything but make you look like a retard...
    i would love to meet you in r/l tho... shall we :)

    TillthedayiDIE420 Well-Known Member

    dude are you a fucking moron? seriously you must have some brain damage or somthing... weed is considered "bad" because the united states government made up a shit load of propoganda about it.... and just because you can buy it legaly doesent mean its good for you, go back to grade 1 dude. and i never said you have to go to college partys man.... wtf are you talking about, must be the vicodin talking... i smoke marijuana its a herb moron, its only concidered a drug, it helps people, it doesent fuck them up. and you are the only one talking shit dude, thinking your tough shit over the net? yeah have fun. but do you have to go to rehab over marijuana?!?! NO YOU MORON. you should really research the effects of drugs more man, before you try and act like you know it like you make it. YOU SELL IT YOU DONT PRODUCE IT!!!! YOU THINK SINCE YOUR SELLING IT YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT IT DOES.
    the only "douchebag" here is YOU. dont even kid yourself kid.
    im done with this thread.

    Godkas Well-Known Member

    Vicodin makes me ill. How can they give someone who is ill.. something that makes you ill.. This makes no sense.

    iblazethatkush Well-Known Member

    dude i'd beat your ass if we ever met but since we probably never will i'll just let it go and u can think what u want but u don't even know the situation dude so u shouldn't even be sayin shit to me about it.

    TillthedayiDIE420 Well-Known Member

    Lol you havent even met me mate, you have no idea. i was saying my opinion, and you Spazed out. Dont try to say otherwise you can go back to page one, and its on the top of this page too. Why even post that on this website, is this PILLITUP.ORG no it isent mate. I never had a problem with you untill you freaked out, but who cares your just another on the ignore list now.


    openeyechick Active Member

    contact me please

    nowstopwhining Too many brownies

    Your an ass...I really doubt someone is going to be HOOKED because they bought one or two pills off of some random kid at a party. Secondly if they dont get the pills from him im sure they will find them somewhere else if they really want them bad enough, and if they dont really want them that badly and just figure what the fuck ill try one or two its going to be pretty hard for that person to get hooked off of trying them. Id also like to add that you are being very disrespectful and annoying.

    This is HIS thread...get out.

    Finally Id like to finish that even though ive had two friends die from prescription drugs I really dont care if one kid is selling whats left over from his little bottle that probably had only 20 pills to begin with. It also took a hell of alot more than trying them once or twice to get my two friends hooked on the things.

    I think your a very funny man
    Fake Plastic Trees

    Fake Plastic Trees New Member

    wtf why did a february slappin match get dragged up today????

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