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How much does the vegetative stage smell?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Toppers, Jan 17, 2009.


    Toppers Well-Known Member

    Here's the deal, I am considering using my closet as the mother/vegging area, and my homebox for flowering out clones (and determining sex).

    The homebox is fully odor-ized, but the closet is not.

    Will they vegetative area give off noticeable smell?

    Thanks in advance RIUers

    chronik4lyfe Well-Known Member

    not really as long as you have some kind of air freshiiner

    yoyoyojoe Well-Known Member

    None to very little, if you have it in a closet or a door behind it, it will be fine...but usually none

    smokin1 Well-Known Member

    no were near as bad as flower

    Toppers Well-Known Member

    Awesome, thanks.

    So why don't people keep a female under veg and just clone it constantly, instead of trying to flower out these huge plants and play a guessing game all the time?

    Hedgehunter Well-Known Member

    i have grown smelly plants during veg, it weird, some days they smell more than others

    smokin1 Well-Known Member

    affraid to try cloning, lack of grow space, etc

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    Lots of people keep "mothers" and just keep cloning. Lots of other people like to have a wide variety and therefore grow from seed. Ideally you would have mutiple strains as mothers and clone a few off each every time. Mothers need little care and can be kept alive for years.

    squints68 Well-Known Member

    i've notice if the room they grow in is a little hot like 85-90 they will start to smell but if the temp are low like70-75 no smell at all. just my 2 hits

    Kriegs Well-Known Member

    I can smell my plants like no tomorrow now, but just in the grow room (it's a 10x10 extra bedroom). Nothing outside the room... yet. They're at about 12-14"; they definitely give off more smell when they're ready to be watered. My wife could smell them from the time they were about 3-4 sets of leaves; I thought she was full of balloons.

    I feel like I'm talking about my children or my dog.

    smokin1 Well-Known Member

    they are your children

    theganman Well-Known Member

    yes they are your babies when they grow up ur gonna have to crack the whip on their ass! lol

    n my shit stuck bad vhen i was in veg but i had like 8 plants i think mayb more idk? lol

    down to two now and they r smelling through my room!

    runsfromdacops Well-Known Member

    my girls are in veg right now (2 months old ) and they just stink. you can sell some thing off as soon as you walk in the house and i hvae a diy carbon fillter.

    squints68 Well-Known Member

    i have two plants just starting into flowering and you can smell them outside (because i vent outside) and in the room the grow box is but i got an idea about that problem you'll probley see something about it on a write up with pic's

    chronik4lyfe Well-Known Member

    wow can't believe ur guys plants stink so bad, i keep mine in my apartment in my extra bedroom(completely light sealed) nd i only smelled em when i walked into the room, now their 2 weeks into flowering and they smell a bit more but only when i go into the room

    Jeffdogg Well-Known Member

    Thats because the heat produces resin glands. Ever notice the light powder on your plants stem kinda looks like white fuzz? Rub it and smell its yummy thats the dried resin glands :weed:

    Boneman Well-Known Member

    For everyone that says no smell during veg....you need to go to the doctors and get your sniffers checked. Some strains produce more odor than others and the more plants, the more smell. You need fresh air circulation for your veg/mother room just as you do your flower room so try and get odor control for it aswell.

    What strain are you growing?

    How many plants?

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    my girl is in flower about 4-6 weeks till the first buds mature and i use a hepa air filter/purifier thing i got for 4 bucks @ goodwill for venting and i have no problems....yet, i heard as they get in the home stretch they start stinking like hell so i'm hoping it will still work and it wont stink still

    Hedgehunter Well-Known Member

    i can undertstand what im doing when i hear people say they cant smell them!? every grow i have done smells, about 3 weeks into veg you get the first hints....and during flower you get baked by walking past the door !! ...(if the Carbonfilter was off!)

    ph33ric Member

    Cloneing is ez sauce... tons of youtube tutorials and books on it.... not only will it guarentee sexx but it will take weeks off the growth cycle cuz of germenation, and how big of a clone you make.

    Cloneing, so ez a cave man could do it ^ - ^


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