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How much does bud cost where you live?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by outofcontrol, Sep 24, 2007.


    JimiHendrix Active Member

    45 an eight, 100 for quad, 160 for half, 320 for oz, 1150 for q.p.

    auzziestona Member

    well i just bought 2 grams for $50 fuckiing pissed off about it too fucking stingy dealers.was pritty gud tho.n avrage price for a oz of bush is 300-350 n hyds it like 400.

    potsmokinbasturd Active Member

    Well the MYTH that weed is better is a joke, weed has been used for thousands of years and dont believe the bullshit about weed gettin better . There is just more variety now due to crossbreeding. I remeber getting Tie stick back in the 70:s . That shit would knock u on your ass with 1 hit. Havent smoked any better. Maybe tastier and maybe different kinda highs but weeds always been stony so stop the myth STOP THE GOVERNMENT MYTH,,,, WEED HAS ALWAYS BEEN STONY. Oh 25 bucks to 40 bucks a quarter ounze,,,,, About 100 to 150 an ounce
    purple voodoo#5

    purple voodoo#5 Member

    northern cali. indoor fire that is of a good strain and grown properly: 250-300 a oz. outdoor bullshit: 90-200 a oz. proper outdoor:150-250 a oz.:bigjoint:
    purple voodoo#5

    purple voodoo#5 Member

    bamer or nasty brick weed with seeds is like 25-40 bucks an ounce if you can even find it:bigjoint:
    purple voodoo#5

    purple voodoo#5 Member

    i have not seen any med club in cali at all that sells there high grades for 250 a o so that must be the price for the low grades or one hell of a club. :bigjoint::eyesmoke:

    Steadmanclan Well-Known Member

    word... :mrgreen:

    emmaegdy Member

    toronto, prices are dime 7 to 10 bucks, a Q is about 20 to 30 bucks, half ounce 65 to 70 bucks, ounce is about depending on strain 140 to 220 bucks, a pound if u know where to look about 400 to 450.

    thats about it

    JN811 Well-Known Member

    $20 = gram $60= 1/8 $320-400= oz

    greenx Member

    40$ = 1 gram
    70$ = 2 gram or deuce (very common size)

    Bigger buys yield very little discounts.


    blaze1camp Well-Known Member

    Up in in North Tx DFW
    I can get some
    Korn = Mids - 20 1/4, 40 1/2, 80 oz
    Some Cali Shit 60 1/8, 110-120 1/4, 200-225 1/2, 400-500 0z, 1600 1/4 #, 6000 #
    Some local HQ shit 100 1/2, 200 0Z
    Shwag 35 0z, 125 1/4 #, 400 #

    During a drought you can look to pay up to $35/g

    When i lived in Mn prices where pretty close to the same maybe a couple dollars cheaper on the Medical shit...:bigjoint:

    DillWeed Well-Known Member

    1/8 - $50
    1/4 - $100
    1/2 - $200
    1 - $350

    greenx Member

    Well, its a small market and quite isolated as your worldmap will reveal ;)

    Still, the quality has been rising quite fast in the past 3-4 years and according to law enforcement almost 90% of cannabis is now grown locally and 10% imported. only 8 years ago this was the opposite.

    We all Evolve...

    guestrollitup New Member

    1/8 - $25
    1/4 - $50
    1/2 - $90
    1 - $160 - 180

    I usually buy in qp's.. which run me 400 - 800 dependin' on the time of year and quality.

    Shitty, the more you buy the more expensive per gram it gets.. I feel sorry for you, either your a sucker or a kid who sits on his computer typing lies..
    Illegal Smile

    Illegal Smile Guest

    In Ohio good ounces are 300 and at times is it very danky but other times not. I now and then see weed as good as I grow, and then it is 400 and up.

    These threads always come down to the absence of a common denominator on quality. We are obviously not all talking about the same thing. There is nowhere you can buy a pound of anything remotely close to what I am talking about for 450 as one poster said.

    chicago60464 Member

    20 for a quarter in texas!!!!!?????? i live in chicago and im getting a g for 20. i wish i lived where u do.
    Supreme Skunk

    Supreme Skunk Active Member

    Damn Middle Georgia, 50 for a half ounce, 100 for a O

    Hayduke Well-Known Member

    His $20 quarters are "Korn=mids"...must be pretty schwag...if the zip code starting with a "9" gets 6 times the price!...and unless you live in Oklahoma...no you don't! edit: duh...Chicago!

    "medical" in SoCal costs a little to a lot MORE!...I would hate to see what DFW considers scwhag cuz my dumb ass ex wife smokes a ton of it and it is usually 50-100/zip closer to the sh!thole-below than DFW


    DillWeed Well-Known Member

    These prices are for the highest quality stuff you can find, mind you.
    CC Dobbs

    CC Dobbs Well-Known Member

    I dont half to pay anything for my spleef cause my neighber is in a gang and gets some for me. Very cool ya

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