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how much do you yield with a 400 watt in soil?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by johnwashburnx30, Jul 26, 2010.


    johnwashburnx30 Well-Known Member

    per plant? does an hps cut down on flowering weeks at all compared to cfl?


    johnwashburnx30 Well-Known Member

    anyone?................................I mean how much do YOU yield, as in personal experiences

    NBKA Active Member

    Most will be about 1 gram per watt, 400x1=400 gram's.
    I have seen 2 gram's per watt...

    THT Well-Known Member

    1 Gram per watt and you are officially a Pro. You should really be shooting for .5 grams per watt if its your first grow.

    golddog Well-Known Member

    If you grow well.... There is no reason you cannot yield 2-3 oz on 4 plants under a 400 watt HPS.

    I generally get 2.5-3.5 oz per plant. Veg them until they are 24 inches high then flower them.

    HPS does not cut down flowering time compared to CFL's, it just makes better and more buds.


    TheDude0007 Active Member

    My experience: I got 25 grams per plant flowering with a 400w using coco peat as medium. But it is possible to do double that.

    rzza Well-Known Member

    yea its not anout how many plants. with my 400, i was able to pull a qp really regardless how many plants i grew, one plant = 4-5 ounces when i vegged for 3 months. 4 autos gave me 4.5 ounces. and i once did 6 autos and got 4 ounces. i think its all dependant of your light and size/quality of the environment.

    streets Well-Known Member


    please check out how my plants look and give me some advice on my light set up. im currently vegging under 400w HM lamp with a vented hood. they are month old clones. i plan on getting them to 20" and flowering them under 1x 1000w Hm 2x 400w MH all warm/red bulbs. any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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