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How Much Do Outdoor Plants Yield?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Gr33nCrack, May 24, 2010.


    Gr33nCrack Active Member

    How much have you yielded in the past off what strains, starting in what months and also Location. . . I'm very interested in how much yield people will get and how much i may get this season. Thanks for any ones help

    HolyGhost23 Well-Known Member

    lol there so much to it so im gonna put it in basic terms. if you plant in june from seed and just left it's own.. providing that something didnt eat it as a baby you would get about 2 to 6 oz. from an indica nd about 2 to 5 for a sativa... if you took care of it then anywhere from 8 to 12 oz's per plant possibly more

    veggiegardener Well-Known Member

    Look at the pic, below.

    rd116 Well-Known Member

    all depends on you, how much you put into it. Time and money (nutes etc...). You can get a couple oz's or a couple lbs!

    Gr33nCrack Active Member

    Alright i meant with like some decent nutrients and what ever else you could do to max the yield, super crop, topping LSTing. And Holy Ghost you are trippen. I am pretty noob but i know that a sativa yields way more than an indica and finishes much later also. And of course it depends on how much you put into the plant thats why i am asking the amount people have had in the past. For example has anyone ever grown Bubba Kush outdoor or around how much they yield..?

    mr.smileyface Well-Known Member

    Kush isnt a good outdoor strain. It thrives in a dessert aka afgan.
    HashPlant is good outside. I was 13 when i first grew and it was HashPlant. dirt water and a bit of sunshine i got about a ounce.
    It depends where you live.

    Gr33nCrack Active Member

    yuuup i live in northern california, thats about as good as it gets, if kush likes hot weather cali should be good enough, not the hottest but i've read plants thrive between 60-90 and the summers in cali are usually 70-90 so it should be perfect, I've got some other strains outdoors also. Mango, The Church, Arjan's Haze #1 and some freebies: Sourcream, Sharksbreath & Rocklock. Any body grown these strains before...?

    rd116 Well-Known Member

    have not grown them yet but I just got Rocklock, Sourcream, Sharkbreath and some others from the tude today. Germing some right now.

    veggiegardener Well-Known Member

    I've tried somewhere around fifty strains plus numerous crosses.

    It's more about which strains won't produce large.

    White Russian is a small plant and won't do much if surrounded by faster growing strains. Planted by itself, it can get five feet tall and produce a kilogram.

    Durban(not Poison) is a smaller sativa but still tops a pound per plant.

    Trainwreck is very light yielding but the quality is more important than yield.

    A list off the top of my head of mostly older strains that did very well, outdoors.

    Kali Mist
    Durban Poison
    White Widow
    Granddaddy Purple
    Afghani Kush

    Damn, I'm stoned.

    My point is, if you like a particular strain, that is most important.

    ICantBelieveItsNotBud Well-Known Member

    13!?!?! WTF? I'm way older than that and i still have troubles growing... How did you manage to pull it off when you were 13?? my biggest problem is stealth and being able to tend to my patch in a stealth manner. Where did you grow when you were 13?

    Gr33nCrack Active Member

    Thanks veggie and yeah train wreck is some one of my favorites to smoke. And rd116 you got those from the attitude? thats weird i got the same batch from singleseedcentre.com and some diff. ones from the attitude a couple days ago. I've started germinating not sure what I'll do with them but that Sour cream sounds like some chronic

    mr.smileyface Well-Known Member

    Dude i live in canada. we grow in our windows lol. I grew it in my back yard. I was a newb. I tried to grow ducksfoot and it just died when the plants went into flower.
    Last year i grew 4 grapefruit plants in my friends backyard and we split the halfpound. They got three hours of light a day. If they got all day sun i would have pulled that off 1 or 2 of them. WHen i was 16 i grew 2 Renee plants in a tree stand. Again just back yard compost and alot of water. Every second night i flushed the pots with a garden hose.
    This year i got some tricks up my sleave. Not only do i have four more in my friends yard im going to do a nice patch of 10+
    My friends dad has been growing for 20 years and he put 15 Kush plants out and got 8 lbs of good stuff.
    It all depends on evoirment, strain and growmedium, hard work and any fertilizer AND WATER.
    I have a Mango plant right now budding indoors. Check my journal.
    I have three outdoor crops and im on my 6th and smallest indoor grow. Im 21 years old.

    mr.smileyface Well-Known Member

    Yea definatly go with the kush. Killer bud and can handle the heat. I know cali has a good season but tends to be a bit hott. BC is cool year round so indoors isnt to bad in mid summer. Cheers

    joeman5000 Member

    im growing out door gdp i alson live in northe ncali and im also going to grow bubba kush i would say just do it grow bubba kush get some good nuets and you should be good. make sure they get a lot of sun thru out the day

    BCBuddy420 Well-Known Member


    STZ Active Member

    I don't know about you, but when I was 13 we grew weed in hand-dug clearings in the blackberry bushes with seeds we stole from our parents :)

    Anyway - veggiegardener had a good point about strains that WONT produce well. I never thought about it like that but it makes a lot of sense. Dozens, if not hundreds of strains are capable of doing 2 pounders (or more) outdoors, but some strains just simply cannot. For me, its all about getting good amounts of really good quality bud - and growing it with as few problems as possible. Some strains I can personally recommend as far as ease to grow/clone, yield, and quality - Maui (my #1 all-time fav, always recommend it outdoors), Afwreck (easiest strain ever to grow/clone), G-13 (hearty ass plant). Anyway, good luck this season and peace RIU!

    KNUCKLES420 Active Member

    I live in nor cali and grew three bubba kush outdoors last year and I got about one and a half pounds per plant and I started late around the first week of june and they were clones.

    Gr33nCrack Active Member

    Awesome, my bubba's have just started but they'll have plenty of sun and i plan to do plenty of LSTing and maybe topping or supercropping, But yeah my nutrients are Flora nova, Big bud, diamond nectar, liquid seaweed, and molasses. That should give me some decent yield and i will hopefully be getting some Bud candy and also some Earth Juice base nutes to make the Bubba's completey organic or at least one. Knuckles thats a shit load, what kind of nutes did you use and what was your grow medium?

    nosmaster Member

    if your after a bud that can last with heat im my experance go with WWX bigbud myn grew upto a 1000watt lgith while i was on holiday and they where fine

    HolyGhost23 Well-Known Member

    update...my outdoor was pretty good results from the 10 plants i had left i got about 3/4lb dry and without much assistance other than watering on hot days..shit soil too

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