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How Much do Cannabis Clubs Pay for Their Medicine?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by YoungAlCapone, Nov 13, 2009.


    YoungAlCapone Member

    I am very curious how much clubs pay for their cannabis. For example, how much do they pay for a pound of good quality bud in LA? How much of one strain do they usually buy at a time? How do they go about finding their product? Does anyone know any info from experience or hear say? By the way I have a medical license and I am in no way trying to break the law or looking for sources. I have plenty of them, legally. :mrgreen: I am just curious about the details of the way the clubs operate. If you have any info specifically regarding LA, I would greatly appreciate it, especially since I cant seem to find any info on the net.

    ilikemyherb Active Member

    Dan Kone

    Dan Kone Well-Known Member

    In LA they pay about $3400-4000. You'll only get 4 if it's absolutely prime. Must be big buds, crystally, good smell, and either purple in color or some type of kush.

    Most clubs won't talk to you unless you have at least a pound. Generally 1-3 pounds is a good amount to bring in.

    Just bring it in. They'll take a look.
    Mr Bomb

    Mr Bomb Active Member

    I am a medical grower in CA and this is all accurate here in Northern California also. Except they only pay 2000/lb for outdoor.

    Grower1 Member

    I'm in So CA, and that's what they pay around here, too
    Dan Kone

    Dan Kone Well-Known Member

    I got no less than $3200 for my outdoor this year, up to $3600 for some of it. Of course that's because I lied and told them it was hydro, but if they can't tell the difference does it really matter?

    jond911 Member

    how long does it take before the club pays you???

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